Sunday, October 2, 2011

Painting the Roses Red Suckers

What you need:
- 1 box of Rice Krispies
- 1 bag of Marshmallows
- 1 cube of Butter
- 1 tsp. Vanilla
- 1Bag of White Chocolate (for candies)
- 1Bag of Red Chocolate (for candies)
- Sucker sticks
- Two different color of Green Chenille Stems

You need to make the stems of the roses. Take a sucker stick and put both pipe cleaners together about an inch down from the top.  Wrap both pipe cleaners tightly around the top, pushing down with your finger to make them tight.  Wrap them around the pipe cleaners tightly until you hit the end.  You want to make sure their are no gaps and no white showing.  You should have just enough to finish off the suckers, at the end just push it under or wrap it tightly at the bottom.  You can use hot glue at the top and bottom if you need too, but I didn't.

Make the Rice Krispie treats.  You can use any recipe that you like but this is how I was raised making it!

First get a large pot and place your heart on medium heart.  Cut the stick of putter up and place on the botom of the pan to melt.  Next add the marshmallows, stirring constantly until they have melted.  Add the vanilla stirring it in until it is blended.  Last, turn off the heat, add the Rice Krispies and stir them in until they are perfectly blended.  Warning they will be hot, so dont have kids do the next step.

In a heart shaped tart press, or you can use a cookie cutter, lightly spray the piece with non-stick cooking spray.   Then press the heart shape mold down to get a three dimensional heart.  Once molded, stick your flower stem in the bottom of the heart until the rice krispies hit the green part. At this point, you need to let it set up and harder, I let it set for an hour before i dipped it in chocolate.

Melt your chocolate in two separate bowls, either using a microwave or a double boiler.  If you put it in the microwave you can do it rather quickly by putting it in a glass bowl, and microwaving it for 15 seconds, then mixing it with a spoon really well.  Then stick it in for another 15 seconds, and stir it again.  If you stick it in two long, it will get crumbly and unusable.  You want to keep checking it and really stir it well to make sure you dont over cook it.  Often times, I will cook it to the point where most are melted but not all, and then stir it until they all melt.  Once it reaches the right consistency (you can check it by sticking in a spoon and if it covers nicely with a smooth drizzle coming off the spoon when you lift if up its perfect!)

Now that your chocolate is ready, take your hearts and dip them half way in the chocolate.  Place on wax paper and let it dry.  Alternate between white and red.  Once you have dipped them all.  Take your white chocolate, and use a fork to spoon up a little of the chocolate.  Take it over your red hearts bu moving your hand back and forth across it making a drizzling effect aka a sloppy paint job.

Let dry and serve on a tray.   Mine were a little heavy so I didn't dare stand them up... but you are more then welcome to try!

This is just the beginning of the Alice In Wonderland Party that my Mother and I threw for some good friends! Stay tuned for all the recipes and then in the end, I will post the party! Thanks to everyone who came!


  1. Those were such a great idea! Cute treat, cute kid eating them. :)
    Do you want my photos? Come get them from me at work?

  2. Looks cute. Still sad I couldn't be there

  3. Oh, my! The suckers are adorable, kind of remind me of the Queen of Heart's hair do!!!! I can't wait to see more. Those stems are such a cute idea, great for Valentine's Day too.

    The Queen and Mad Hatter are outrageous!