Thursday, September 22, 2011

Smores, Smores, and more Smores!

I dont know about you?  But nothing gets me more excited about fall then the gentle smell of fire wafting in the air around dusk, people gathered around a roaring fire, and the crisp air gently blowing on your back.  Snuggling closer to the fire,  trying to work your marshmallow magic of making the perfect Smore, by not burning the Marshmallow.
Unless your me of course, i'll be honest, I either spend way too much time trying to get my marshmallow just right, when all the sudden the little bugger slides off the stick and into the fire waisting five minutes of my precious time. Then after getting over the annoyance of such a wasted effort I stick another marshmallow on the already sticky pole, shove the guy in the fire, watch him envelope in flames and TAH DAH!!! My marshmallow is crispy on the outside, soft in the inside with a light black crust all around it! I call it pure perfection!
So with these thoughts in mind I thought I would do a blog post dedicated to SMORES!!! I already did a cupcake post earlier this year, with large cupcakes that taste AMAZING!  This time around I did mini Smore cupcakes, which are just too cute to even eat and the recipe for them are posted HERE!

This time I decided to add on some special Smore ideas that you can give away as a gift, or just have it for your table scape, or take it to your next Smore party and basically blow everyone away with how creative and amazing you are!  Either way, its a fun new twist to Smores that make the evening a little more exciting.  Then at the end, I'll include a couple pictures of a Smore party my friend and I threw together, the full party will be posted on her blog once she gets back from South Africa HERE!
Coco Glam- Chocolate Graham Cracker, Coconut Marshmallow, Dark Chocolate

Carmel Apple Pie-Cinnamon Graham Cracker, Flat Marshmallow, Apple, Rolos
Island Passion- Chocolate Graham Cracker, Coconut Marshmallow, Almond Joy
Pink Clouds- Chocolate Graham Cracker, White Flat marshmallow, Raspberry Ghriadelli Square
Winter Breeze- Chocolate Graham Cracker, Chocolate/White Chocolate Marshmallow, Peppermint Mint Pattii
Ebony & Ivory- Chocolate Graham Cracker, Chocolate/White Chocolate Marshmallow, Dark Chocolate
Caramellow Over You-Chocolate Graham Cracker, Flat Marshmallow, Caramellow
Stick-it-2-Me- Chocolate Graham Cracker, Chocolate/White chocolate Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Cup
Pearly White- Cinnamon Graham Cracker, White Flat, Pear, White Chocolate
Orange Divine- Orange Cookie- Chocolate white Chocolate Marshmallow, Dark Chocolate

So question is how did I make them?  Well I went to the store and found all different kinds of candy bars, marshmallows, and cookies.  Then I took mason jars for canning, put each variety in, then I used paper grocery bags from the store (I just asked for them at check out.) I then cut out a large round circle, stuck them on with double stick tape, used twine and a ribbon tied around the jars, and put on a tag.  Its easy, cheap, and budget friendly and turns out totally cute!
Here is some pictures of our Smore party.  I made the sign using letters on printed paper.  Then I cut out each one to a square.  I used a tea bag soaked in water, then used a cloth and lightly dipped it in the tea, and spread it on each paper, letting it dry over night so it was tea stained.  The next day, I burned the endges, stuck them on the back of left over grocery bags that I crinkled up in my hands, and taped them on using double stick tape.  I then threaded the sign using left over twine from the jars and hung them up against a plastic back ground.
For the table I used cheap baskets to display the different marshmallows, candies, and graham crackers, with burlap inside each one.  Then I used mason jars of all sizes with little tags and paper straws for there drinking cups.  Each jar had a label explaining which milk was in it. We ended up having this party inside because of rain, and baking the Smores on Broil HI in the oven for a few seconds. We ate Smore pizza made by Tracy and the recipe will be on here blog, Mini Smore cupcakes, variety of different Smores and different milks. It was a fun party and low budget, and only took an afternoon to create! To view the full party click HERE to get to Tracys Blog.


  1. Oh, how CUTE! I love "stick it to me," LOL!



  2. Killer post! I love the new lens too. Email me and tell me the lens! Your photos are wonderful and your presentation is fantastic! I am definitely pinning this!

  3. I adore this post! From one smore lover to another, feel free to stop by for a smore any time.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by! I love all the comments and looking at others blogs, thanks for posting yours!

  5. The Smore in a jar is super cute and I love how our party turned out.