Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Witches Home

This year, my Mother and I, decided to go with a Witches theme in her home.  So we pulled out all her Witches and themed them throughout her home.  I was going to show mine as well, but because of time, I decided to just show off my Mothers. So here is the beautiful Witches that she has collected throughout the years...
 Beautiful pumpkin witches, masked trick-or-treat baskets, button crows, and glitter boxes adorn the console table in the hallway.
 This mantel was inspired by pumpkins.  Glitter and jeweled sticks in long vases with little lights sit on both sides of the mantel.  The pumpkin witch sits beside it watching over it.  Haunted pumpkins, candles, and jeweled branches that light up adorn the top of the mantel.
 Below is what it looks like at night when its all lit up.
 This table is across from the mantel in the same room.  Keeping with the orange theme, a spooky cat that drives our little Husky nuts, and cute Halloween decor, like the box below with glitter pumpkins.
Some of the witches in the hallway.  One witch looks longly over urn, while the witch in the front entry winks at you the moment you walk in... wonder what she's thinking?
 The console table in the front entry, has glitter skeletons, Frankenstien, scarecrow, and a spooky lantern full of candles that flicker at night.
 Here our two of our favorite witches, brewing up a potion for Halloween.

This room is the living room, that you see the moment you enter the house.  We themed this as the Witches room, where the party was by.  Each table is dedicated to a witch with her hate, potions, and other things that she collects. Below is the Red Witch.

 The Purple witch... she loves music.

 Red witch table, obsessed with fashion! Since everything she has is fashionable.
 The orange witch, she is rather traditional.
 Here is a view of the room, we made curtains out of cheesecloth, and a weby type facric that made them spooky, however, you can see them better at night.
 The mantel was decorated with flicking red skulls at night, candles, with a eery whimsy look to it.
 The silver witch, is discrete and the most evil of the mix!
 The mantel adored with two mummies, eery fabric, and candles. 
 Here is what it looks like at night when it is all lit up.


  1. Love this Rachel. Looks great!

  2. Love your parents house and you do a darn good job decorating it!

  3. Great display! I love it! So much to look at, and so well designed too. Thank you for sharing, Sally xx

  4. Thank you Sally that so sweet of you!

    Thanks Tracy, glad you came and posed as my witch!!!

  5. What a witch house! I am so sad that I am not VTing Laura any more and don't get to come and see it. I will have to try and fit in some time tomorrow. What great decorations and you did a ton of work uploading all of the wonderful pictures. It is really a ton of fun and I love how it was organized by themes and colors. Great collections.