Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Witch is "In" Party

I had the brilliant idea in September to do a Witches night in October with my sister, girlfriends and I.  It was meant to match the theme of my Mothers home (pictures will be posted soon!) The plan was to have some fabulous food, watch a witch movie like Hocus Pocus, create our own Witches hats, and do manicures and pedicures!
Well October became EXTREMELY busy and I just kept putting it off, but I couldnt help myself!  So we threw it together last minute, called a couple friends, and partied it out last Saturday night.

Here are the details:
Halloween seven layer bean dip with sour cream web, olive spider, and olive and sour cream candy lining the edge of the dish.
 Halloween chips found at World Mart with white ghost, orange pumpkins, and blue bats.

The sugar cookies were from Sweet Tooth Fairy Bakery, and they were the party favorite! I've blogged about them many times.  We added a cute rice krispy treat to mix it up a bit.
 The Halloween shot glass are pistachio pudding and vanilla pudding mixed with cool whip with oreos in-between.  Very simply and easy and always a favorite!
 Chocolate cupcakes with orange frosting.
 Ranch dip placed in a pumpkin for my bowl.  I actually hollowed out the pumpkin and stuck the whole container inside.  Easy clean up, and festive and fun!

 Close up of the Monster Meringues. 
Hay bale suckers and candy kabobs with german chocolate! Delicious!
 Sugar rimmed glases for our sparkling pumpkin juice!
 Vampire blood cupcakes and orange chocolate cupcakes.

Witch Models and Witch Hats!
These are the witch hats that we made!

 I didn't get to take the pictures until late at night, but it still turned out cute, and we all had a fun time!  Thanks for all the love and support, and Tracy and Bre for being my cute witch models!


  1. ha ha ha... I had so much fun that night and loved dressing up as a witch too. Thanks for doing the party. It was so fun to make a witches hat and all the food was sooo good too. :)

  2. Fun party! Love the dessert table too.

  3. What a party! You can "throw one together" for me anytime! I just love everything. Where did you get the sparkling pumpkin juice? Sweet Tooth fairy sugar cookies are my favorite too. My sister was visiting from Texas this last week and we went there several times. Everything is so pretty and all of your containers are so fun.