Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

Many of us were enchanted by certain stories or movies that we watched as a child.  I always loved Alice in Wonderland.  The brilliant creativity of the world of Wonderland, opened my eyes as a child to so many imaginary worlds of my own, that I couldn't help but love it.  So this party is my dedication to one of my childhood favorites!
Mad Hatter personal black and white tea cup and Alices pink tea cup, everyone else had the same teacups.
We used vintage tables and chairs, that we repainted in bright colors to pop against the lace table cloths. Darling Alice in Wonderland Tea cups that we found at TJ Maxx Home Goods. Lanterns hung above the table to help create the feeling of the Mad Hatter tea party. Most importantly a beautiful Un-Birthday cake!

My Mother picked up these darling face cards at the Alice in Wonderland store in England, Vintage key from Hobby Lobby, for when the children had to enter into wonderland.

Each child had to drink a drink me potion and shrink, so that they would be the right size for wonderland. We placed them on a vintage table that we white washed, the had the key for the door, Alices drink me bottle, and a clock to represent the white rabbit.  Cards depicted scenes from Alice in Wonderland.  
The door we used, is an old door that we re-painted, and then put a tree decal on the back of it.  The heart chair is a vintage 50's chair that was plastic.  So we spray painted it a bright red for the Red Queens thrown.
Each chair was sanded down, re-painted bright colors, and then given a scene from Alice in Wonderland tied on with bright ribbons.  Alice chair was a black thrown chair with a whimsy fabric on the seat.  Mad Hatters was also black, with a orange and black diamond pattern.
Little details were placed throughout the yard. Such as large bees, butterflies, and huge flowers to make it feel more magical.
Happy Un-Birthday sign was placed against painted doors to represent entering into Wonderland. Mushroom party favors with ribbons and little flower suckers.
The food table was decorated with whimsical desserts representing each character from the book.  For our party, we had the red Queen, my talented sister who is a professional actress, talk about how it was a party for her.  Which I will tell you all about in the next post of the party with the children.
Alices Un-Birthday Cake and Cheshire cupcakes recipe here.
Painting the Roses Red Pops recipe here.
White Rabbits Hot Chocolate, and other recipes here.
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Here is the 2nd part of the party where all the kids arrive.... click HERE!

Also stay tuned for a daily Halloween posting! I got so behind on working on parties, that I fell behind on my blog.  From now on there with be weekly or more post on this blog, thanks for the support and following me!


  1. Looks FABULOUS!!! Incredible party. Love love

  2. Woot! Love it. It was seriously amazing.

  3. Thanks Andrea, for your photos. I was so exhausted that I didnt take as many as I thought! So i'm glad you came and got some as well, the combined effort turned out perfect!