Friday, October 21, 2011

Haunted Doors and Windows

 These are haunted vintage doors, that we refinished with a black paint wash. We then added a light touch of a metallic purple paint over selected parts of the door.  The door was then sprayed with purple glitter over the metallic purple and other spotted areas. The effect was ethereal and wonderful. We used images found in Martha Stewart's Halloween issue increased the size and had them cut from a friends vinyl machine for the door windows. We found the old doors at a local antique yard with many inexpensive doors.  Green spot lights from home depot were placed behind the doors for the eerie effect your enjoying now. The house looks amazing at night.

The Urns in the front have a rod iron plant trestle that was inserted in a plastic planter container by drilling holes.  The container fit inside the urn and we added Styrofoam to assist the arrangement on top. We wired the skeleton pieces to each planter and layered Spanish moss at the arrangements base, then we worked black ivy and cobwebs throughout the trestle.  We placed sand in the space left between the container and the cement urn and used it to anchor the container and to hold the black sprayed tree branches we encircled the urn with . This was a home I did last year before I blogged so the tutorial pictures are limited.

Here is what the doors looked like before we fixed them up.  First we used a putty knife to scrape off large flakes of hanging old paint. We did some light sanding, not much.  Black paint from Home Depot was watered down a bit and lightly applied and then wiped off before it dried to give the door a washed look. The areas around molding and cracks and random spots on the door were left with a little heavier black. Then we applied light streaks of purple metallic paint 
randomly around the door and sprayed those streaks and other spots with spray glitter from a local craft store.  The images were applied when the doors were dry and two doors were hinged together for a screen effect. We had used this same technique on the antique french doors for the backdrop at my sisters wedding seen here. The green spot lights were placed behind the doors and because the doors were placed in front of a pillar the lights shone brilliantly. I loved the outcome!


  1. It is totally the most amazing set and Halloween display. Just beautiful Rachel!

  2. That’s so eerie! I love the spooky and captivating pictures! The way you designed the windows and doors are magnificent. What type of light did you use? I like the luminous green light.
    - Otis Kunkle

  3. WOW! The designs for that windows and doors are really amazing! Plus, I have to give credit to that luminous green light. It’s an added factor to liven up the Halloween spirit! What a great work of art!
    - Sol Hendricks