Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sugar Plum Fairy 1st Birthday

Last year, my darling sister surprised us all with an early delivery of my little niece making her have a December birthday.  So we wanted to do a fun play on her first birthday, using the Sugar Plum Fairy as our theme.  So we collected ornaments throughout the month, and pulled this little shin dig together!
 We pulled out our cute vintage chairs, recently painted white, and created a play on the Candy Castle, the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, and all the characters seen in the ballet.
 I hung cute finger puppets around the chandelier along with a beautiful sugar plum fairy hanging in the middle of all the icicles.
 Darling ornaments were on the silver tree, along with whimsical stockings, gumdrop sprays, and icicle garlands.
The Mouse King Nutcracker adorned the table, along with extra large lollipops placed in a sugar vase to create height.
 Dance of the Sugar Plum fairies was the theme of the trees, with sugar plums and snowflake ballerina ornaments hanging on the tree, with a bight blue tree skirt to add a fun punch to the table.
 She was given two special dolls, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and Clara, made by my amazing friend Andrea at IT's The Life blog. If you would like to purchase these dolls, or other darling dolls, check out her blog HERE for the details!
 We had a simple vanilla birthday cake, with sugared gum drops to keep with the theme. We also had delicious macaroons for the guest.  The cake plate was fitted with a darling tutu to keep with the ballerina theme.
 Chocolate cupcakes with reflective sprinkles adorned the cupcakes, with dancing ballerinas.
 Purple glass helped bring in the Sugar Plum Fairy Theme. Candy stripped ribbons along with gum drop garlands flanked the front of the table.
This is the Birthday Girl and her darling Sugar Plum Fairy outfit, that we got bits and pieces off of ETSY.
This was her reaction to her new Sugar Plum Fairy doll, that she cherishes and carries around with her everywhere!
 She preferred to pick each frosting ball one at a time, it was quite hillarious and time consuming.  Eventually she did stick her hand in the cake, and then was annoyed that her hand was dirty.  She was the cutest little thing, and I cant wait for the fun parties were going to have with her this Summer!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dog Sledding in Utah

One of the best things about winter is all the fun snow sports you can do in Utah.  From Skiing, snow shoeing, ice finish and the best of all DOG SLEDDING!  This is our adorable husky Kestler, and this is his pack of dogs that he runs with.  Were lucky to have met Maron and Racer when he was a pup, who took him on to train him and let him run with there team.
 Here is the Racer and my Dad hooking up the dogs to the sled, its so funny to watch how excited they all get to run.
This is the dogs talking away to each other while they wait for there turn to get hooked up to the sled.
 Heres two good friends playing with each other, you think they are fighting but i promise its all play.  We had a fun time petting and playing with all of the dogs!
 This is Kestler with my Dad, getting special attention while we wait for all the dogs to get hooked up.

All leased up and ready to run! The pictures are a little gloomy because it was snowing at the time, but check out the beautiful landscape just 15 minutes from our home.
 Waiting for the breaks to come up so they can run...
They are off!!!
 This is Snow, she is 2 years old and totally adorable.  She tuckered out after two runs, so she hung out with me waiting for the third run to finish up.
 This is Chubbs an adorable malamute, that hung out with us while we waited for everyone to finish up their runs.

 If this post hasn't tempted you to try this out yourself, I dont know what will.  I can't tell you how much fun it is, and what a rush it is.  Its a great experience for the entire family, with cute friendly Huskies, great trails and scenery, and Racer is the best!  He will coach you through the process and guide you along the tour.  So if you live in Utah or are coming for a Visit you should book a tour!  Click HERE to  book now!