Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Charming Visit to the Cotswolds, England.

 One of the days that we were in England, we had the opportunity to travel out to the countryside and see the Cotswolds.  This has always been a big dream of mine, so we started the day by going to Anne Hathaways Cottage, and then to Shakespeare house.
 These are the darling mushrooms that are dotted all long the Cotswolds, along with unique flower garden.
 Gardens around the grounds.
 Anne Hathaways Cottage.

 The apple orchards on the grounds.
 Lavender Garden.

 The Trails around the edge of the property.

 Shakespears Gardens around his homes.

 Shakespears home.

 We were starving by the time we finished, so we stopped by and ate a little sandwhich and shared a pastry between the three of us.
 I grew up on Peter Rabbit and was charmed by this store, we stopped in and got my niece some darling items.
 Cant go to England and not get a shot of the telephone booths.
 I couldnt resist, after all I am A Little Cuppa Tea
 This was the first little town we stopped in, I think it was Bourton on the Water.
 I couldnt have spent all day here, the town was charming and beautiful.
 Loved the graphics on the sign.

 Below is the next town that we stopped by, though I dont remember the name.

 This is the last town that was suggested to us by a local, it was cute but didnt have the charm like the others.  Gorgeous Cathedral and graveyard though.