Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Alice in Wonderland and Chairs

This was for a photo shoot we did in the Salt Flats in Salt Lake City Utah last October. I thought it was a good way to show off the chairs without any distractions.

 We planned Alice in Wonderland last year for Halloween, but it poured rain, so we had to move it inside at the last minute.  So we improvised. We had Alice, who was my Queen of Hearts this year, Mad Hatter, The Mad Hare, and the Queen of Hearts all play along with the Trick-Or-Treaters. For Alice last year, we purposely made it very bright so that it would show up against the black lights and fog... but sadly it rained so we never got to see how it really turned out...
This was how the chairs started out.  We sanded them down, then painted them different colors.  To re-upholster the chair below by folding it over the edge of the fabric and stapling it in place.  Then on the seat cushion we unscrewed it and stapled the fabric on, then screwed the seat cushion back on. There are tutorials of this all over the internet on re-upholster seat cushions.  It was A LOT of work to do all ten chairs, but worth it in the end. We have used them multiple times throughout the year and have loved them! We just went to Deseret Industries and picked them up for a few dollars, and then re-purposed them! 


  1. Love these chairs. they were so cheap and have been such great fun

  2. That was so fun to watch last year. I am still wishing I could be involved in an Alice in Wonderland tea party.... :(