Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Part 2

Our Alice in Wonderland party was based more on the Queen of Hearts.  We told all the children that the Queen of Hearts demanded that her servants throw her a Un-Birthday party, for she wanted to celebrate her Birthday.  So they slaved away all day and night, making desserts fit for the Queen and presented her with their treats before the guest arrived.
While waiting for the boys to come outside, naughty boys, the Queen of Hearts played a game of Queen of Heart Says (Simon Says) to show her servants how to obey her (and kill some time!)

Once the guest arrived, they were FAR too big to fit into Wonderland.  So they were lead to the Queens throne, where each child had to drink some Drink Me potion and shrink down and down until they were the perfect size.
 Of course if they were too small to get into their chairs, they had a lovely Eat Me cookie sitting by their tea cups to fix that problem.  Some of the little youngsters couldn't stop drinking the Drink Me potion, so they constantly had to eat Eat Me cookies.... it was rather tragic.  But they could just not stop!  (We filled the Drink Me bottles with sprite, but they couldn't stop refilling them, below are some of them showing you how they shrink!)
After they were all seated, the Mad Hatter, played by my amazing Father, introduced them to his Tea Party.  However, the Queen interrupted and explained to them that the tea party was for HER, and then she introduced each course to her subjects.
 But first, before they could help themselves to the scrumptious buffet, they were each given a cupcake made by the Cheshire Cat himself.  He wanted them to look like the lovely flowers in the garden where the caterpillar resides.  However, Cheshire Cat cant help but play tricks on little children and so after the Un-Birthday song was sung, and the kids blew out their candles, the Cheshire cat changed the color of every cupcake, so each kid had a surprise inside...

 The Red Queen then went on to explain that Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee made her cookies but couldn't decide which color to do, so they both dipped them in separate sprinkles. Anyone who knows the Mad Hare knows that he LOVES jam, so he made some sloppy peanut butter and jam sandwiches.  The white rabbit was so worried that no one would pay attention to the time that he brought a lovely little white coco drink with clocks so that no one would be late for the Queens party!
 The servants of the Queen of Hearts, wanted to make sure that she had a proper treat just for her.  So they created some lovely rice krispy treats in honor of her demand for Red Roses.  But sadly they made the mistake and dipped them in white chocolate so they painted them red instead!  The King of Hearts, always wanting to please her royal highness, created playing card cookies in honor of her favorite guards.  The Mad Hatter hearing about her love of cookies, decided to make some himself, however, he was far to impatient and they ended up being slightly crazy, or mad as you might say.  Lastly, was the very special un-birthday cake that once cut open had a surprise of its own!
 The Queen was so thrilled with her guests and her party, that she decided to do a photo shoot with her new subjects!  So the children lined up and were able to take pictures with the Queen and her loyal subjects.
Alice decided to pay Wonderland a visit in honor of the Queens party, so she brought some of her lovely friends along for the ride!
While the subjects were winding down... they were able to put on masks of there new friends in Wonderland that they wanted to be like!  (My Mom found these in England in the Alice and Wonderland store.)
This is how we introduced each part of the party to the kids.  I typed it out so if you want to re-create this, or use some of the ideas that we have come up with, you cane create your own, and go with it.   We are even considering doing it next year for parties if people in Utah would be interested in having there own.  So if you are, contact me on here, and I would be happy to discuss it with you.  I hope you enjoyed the party as much as we did! Thanks for visiting!


  1. How absolutely adorable every part of the party was! That chair is just killer! I love it. Everything was so pretty and all of the guests are adorable. Alice and the Queen are beautiful and so photogenic. Of course I loved Kylie and Jessica!!!! Too cute - they had to eat the cake then drink, then eat then drink! I am so glad to see the pictures. What an amazing hostess (with the mostess!) you are!

  2. Thanks Jackie, sometime in November when life slows down, if you want I can run over with my thumb drive and bring you the pictures of Kylie and Jessica. Thanks for letting me steal her for a day, she was so adorable and fun to have!

  3. That was so fun! It still cracks me up to think Mardson was afraid to drink the "Drink Me" drink for fear he'd really shrink; what a nut! Turns out, you guys were pretty convincing :) Thanks again, we all had a blast!

  4. Best party ever Rachel! Your amazing!

  5. Thanks Vanessa, Mardson was so cute, im glad we finally broke him down so he could drink the sprite! Kids are so fun, thanks for bringing all of them and it was good to see you as well!