Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Nights in Utah

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is to go around Utah and see the lights at night.  So this is a collection of different places that my friends and I visited this year.  The only one im leaving out is Thanksgiving Point which is on my friend Tracy's blog since she took those pictures.
 To start off I will take you to Riverwoods mall.  They recently redid to make it a beautiful outdoor mall with lights strung across the walk ways, Santas Village in the background of this photo.
 All the trees are lit up with different lights, and fire pits and water fountains are placed all around the grounds.
 Here is the entrance to Santas Village with a darling Christmas tree in his house.  With big ornaments and cute letters to Santa Clause.  I plan on doing this when I have children some day, I think its so darling!
 The fire place mantel inside of Santas house is hung with cute stockings and hangers, but the best part is its a real fireplace where you can come in and get warm.
 This is one of the lights that hangs above you as you drive through.
 Here is a darling home we saw one night while driving around. They put these Snowmen on their lanterns. How cute is that!
 This house is always fun to see, I have a few pictures of their house so you can see all the details.
 Love the massive ornaments they have at their front door!
 This is the lit nativity scene they have across from their home.
 This is as you drive up towards the entrance of their home.
 Here is another house that awe saw, how cute is Santa and his reindeer, but mostly I just love all the snowflakes!
 I saw this and just had to get a picture of it, how hysterical but also how cute is this!
 Some houses in Utah like to go WAY over the top with there decor, but its always fun to drive by and see it!  I just have to hand it to them for putting in that much work, just to take down in a month!
 This is Pond Tree Christmas in Salem Utah.  It's one of my favorite places to go during the Christmas season. The lights are floating in the middle of the lake and its just beautiful!  I told my friends that I wanted to wait until it snowed to go there.  Sadly, we have had hardly any snow this year, so we decided to go anyways before they all went home for Christmas...
But guess what??? Someone must really love me because it snowed on our way there! See on the bridge, even though I wont be getting a white Christmas this year, this made me extremely happy!  It was one of the best nights this year... because after this we all went home and curled up in PJ's and watched Miracle on 34th Street. It was a perfect Christmas night with good friends!
This is my favorite house in the entire world! Though I didnt get a great pictures of it!  I love the fresh pine baskets that are hanging in the entrance. We decided to practice those at home before we did it anywhere else.  We also made the funky lights below using rod work designs and putting rope lighting on them.  We used  a candy stripe rope light, and wish we just went with red, but oh well you live and learn!
 You can see the details fo the fresh baskets, and they smell amazing!
Here are more pictures that I took of some neighborhoods while my Mom and I went to deliver some gifts to friends.  Every year we go out and drive around and see the lights together while listening to Christmas music and delivering gifts to dear friends.  I love it!
Even the simplest houses can be the most beautiful, this is one of my favorite houses.  Its small, but always decorated beautifully during every Holiday.
I love this home, but I couldn't get a great picture of it.  If you look closely you can see Mrs Claus and Santa Claus is on her other side. Darling!
Then of course there are the HUGE houses that go above and beyond and are absolutely stunning to drive past.  My pictures do NOT do them justice!


  1. This makes the Christmas season magical! I love the glow of December. You captured it beautifully! Merry Christmas darling.

  2. I love this tradition of yours and glad you have had me be a part of it these last couple years. Its awesome. I love the gate lit up in the last picture. So pretty.

  3. What a fun post! I haven't ever seen the pond but Laura told me how great they were. I love it all too! The reindeer are too funny. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Wow! I really miss Christmas Seasons in Utah. That was our family's favorite season every year. We spent a lot for those lights and decorations inside and out of the house. I hope we could buy again new house as soon as possible in Utah.
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