Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas at Home

For our theme this year in are home I decided to do a Winter themed house with bright colors.  I know this isn't the normal way people do a Winter Wonderland type of home, but for me this is how I do it. I love using neutral colors with a bright punch color to accent and make a bold statement.  Since our couches and furniture was black, I used a lot of white as a strong contrast but still keeping with the neutral tones.  Then I went with two bright punch colors using red, and teal green.  

For the table and surfaces in the family room, I need to keep it cheap, but wanted it to stay with the winter wonderland theme. So i used fake pine branches, glass vases and jars, fake snow, and candles to create a romantic touch without spending more then a few dollars.
In the kitchen, I picked up a cute snowman table runner a few years back at Pier 1 so I decided to use that, along with some fun ornaments I got at Target two years ago and used that in the chandelier to create a darling snowman themed table.  For the garland I wrapped a wintery garland around the chandelier and hung icicles and ornaments with felt snowflake ribbon.
 On the table I used every day vases, that you get when people send you flowers, and filled them with fake snow and battery powered lights. I thought this would be more fun then candles at the dinner table.  I put two sparkly trees in varying sizes to add more interest to the table, then I set the table with plates that I got from T.J. Maxx.  For the napkins I didn't have napkin rings and didnt want to spend money on them, so I used some left over ribbon.  Then I put an old fashion candy cane and gingerbread cookie at eat place setting.


  1. You captured it well. Our house looks AWESOME!! I love it

  2. Rachel! This is fabulous! I love your theme. I just bought some snow and I am going to have to use it in vases with candles and maybe try some with lights too. Your chandelier is wonderful and what a cute tablescape. I love seeing your pretty cookies.

    By the way - that new lens is great. Your close ups are incredible. You are amazing. You have such a cute place and I love the pops of color!