Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Wonderland Gingerbread Birthday!

This is a party my dear friends and I threw for our friend/roommate Tracy.  Originally we were just going to have a gingerbread house party, but then decided to combine it and make it into a birthday party.  So I thought it would be fun to challenge everyone with a fun "Fairy Tale" theme.  So i put 10 fairy tales into a jar and made every team pick one.  We had four teams, one was Jack in the Beanstalk, Little Mermaid (which was mine), Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella.  Each team started with a basic gingerbread house kit from WalMart, and then we provided extra candy in jars.  I love how each house turned it.   They were so creative, and we only spent about an hour.  This is the table my roommates and I set up for the party, and yes the Birthday girl was involved too.  I dont have all the pictures from the party, but you can view it on here blog found HERE!
A little snowman boarder to keep with the theme of the kitchen. Originally I put buttons on them, and they were adorable but they kept falling off so I gave up!
This is a cupcake that Tracy pinned on Pintrist, and then I pinned it, and when we were thinking about her Birthday we decided to make them.  These are just red velvet cupcakes with Candy canes, M&M's, and paper signs backed on glitter paper.
The sign was made by cutting out simple snowflakes, printing letters and using glue and glitter to make them sparkly, cutting them out, and pasting them on the snowflake, and then taping the snowflake to the wall.  Very simple, but I think it turned out cute!
 I made my sugar cookies and made a sugar cookie bar so they could decorate them and frost them themselves.  Naughty and Nice sugar cookies were made with fondant, and edible markers.
Cbocolate Milk, Egg Nog, and Milk
We kept with the canning jar theme using them for our drinks, as seen at the first of the post, where they held Chocolate Milk, Egg Nog and Milk.  I thought that canning jars would be perfect to store the candy in so that each person could bring them to there table for gingerbread houses and would be easier to pass around.  Plus I wanted to keep with the theme. 
This was Tracy's birthday cake that I made. It was dark chocolate cake with peppermint cream cheese frosting.  Crushed candy canes, fondant rope, Marshmallow snowmen with pretzels for arms, and the same fabric I used on the drink jars, and a banner saying Happy Birthday made out of the same paper as the cupcakes!
Here is pictures of the Gingerbread Houses that we made in an hour...
Little Red Riding Hood, can you see her?
Cinderella you can see her glass slipper on the front of the path.
Little Mermaid (this is mine and my roommate Tinas)
Jack and the Bean Stalk, love the marshmallow cow! This is the Birthday Girls and her groups!
Happy Birthday Tracy!


  1. Yea!!! I loved my party. Everything turned out so cute! I better blog about it ASAP so people have something to look at when they click on the link! ha ha.

  2. Wow!!! Oh WOW! This is fabulous. Love the cake, the sign, the cookies, the drinks! Incredible!

  3. Thanks Tracy, yeah I will link it to yours once yours is up. I couldnt sleep last night so thats how this got up.
    Thanks Mom I'm glad I finally got to show it to you!