Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Tree Tutorial

I realize that this is a bit late getting this out, but I thought I would post a simple tree tutorial on little tips to decorate your Christmas tree to make it look a little more stunning.
Depending on what you put on the tree it can range anywhere from $200.00 to $5,000.00.  For this tutorial i covered the basics and did a simple tree.  This is the one I put up in my apartment.  I will be posting other homes and trees that I decorated after this post, so you can get a few fun ideas for your own trees.  Remember, the best time to pick up ornaments for Christmas trees is the day after Christmas sales, or in October when they first put things out. Plan a theme, my theme this year was to use the new teal green thats all the range, and snowflakes.  Kinda a modern twist on a winter white christmas.
To start fluff the tree, by spreading the branches out to make it look more natural, of course if you have a real tree you can skip that step. 
Next lay out everything you plan to use to decorate the tree.  I like a good variety, so I added balls in every color that I was planing to use on my tree and in all different sizes.  Ruffled tree skirt that I found at T.J. Maxx Home Goods, and glittered sticks for a cheap but classy tree toper.  I used six white sticks that were painted white and glittered, but I ended up breaking them in half for a total of twelve sticks and 2 sparkly sprays to the top.  Vintage candy canes that were in Costco this year, and yes they are real!  And homemade gingerbread cookies that I made earlier that you can find HERE!
Next I add the star or tree toper.  Usually people wait until last to do this, and you can, but sometimes its easier.  In this instance, i used white painted tree sticks and some sparkly sprays so I pushed them down into the tree. I did this as my first step, because i planned to cover the length of the sticks with ribbon. I did not use wire for this, in fact I hardly ever do.  Most fake trees have wired branches in the back that you can fold over and use to secure things. So I usually do that.
Next step is to add ribbon.  I did this very simply by tucking the teal ribbon in a uneven pattern down the length of the tree, and just tucking it in using tree branches to set it in place. Once secured, i fluffed it up creating little pillows of ribbon.  I didn't use any wire to attach this but you may need to.  Next I added the plaid ribbon across the tree.
One trick to decorating a tree, is that if the back is facing the wall, there is no need to decorate the back.  As long as people cant tell its not decorated.  Think of it as cutting the tree into fourths.  So 1/4 of my tree is not decorated but the other thirds is.  That way it looks decorated, but I didn't have to waste my time or ornaments on the back.
Next add your large balls or as in my case snowflakes.  I tucked them into spots that had a lot of extra space in the tree, for space fillers.  It's also important to tuck them back into the tree.  You dont need everything to be at the end of tree branches, its good to create depth!
As you can see this large red ball is tucked deep into the tree.
Side view of being tucked into the tree.
Next step is to add all your smaller balls and ornaments.  Just place them evenly around the tree as best you can, but dont forget the top and bottom!
Next I added the candy canes since they sit on the end of the branches.
Last I added the sprays and/ or garlands.  I find it easier to drap them at the end, instead of the beginning.  Not only do they show up more, but they are easier to take off as well.  I finished the tree in about an hour, but this photo was taken at 2 a.m. so its a little dark.  Tomorrow I will post pictures of the finished room, once I cleaned up the mess! 


  1. I love our Christmas tree. You did such an amazing job. It makes the house magical!!!

  2. Thanks Tracy, I'm glad were roommates and get to celebrate the season together!

  3. Beautiful tree. One of many you have done this year. All beautiful!