Friday, May 27, 2011

Green Smoothie Time!

Green Smoothie

So I feel almost guilty posting all these "fatty" recipes when in reality I really try not to eat that way.  I've been working very hard this past year on being healthy and getting in shape.  I have an incredible Pilates trainer Loriol Anderson, who I work out with 3 times a week to tone and build muscle.

For the first time in my life, I actually LOVE working out.  Besides pilates, I also try to do 3-5 miles of Cardio every day.  I'll admit though, during the winter I wasn't great on my cardio and I payed the price with no actual weight loss happening, just maintaining.  I hate gyms, but love the outdoors...
Now that its Spring I finally get to go down the Canyon again.  There are many great things about the state of Utah, but one of the greatest things are the Mountains.  Who gets to work out with scenery like this... so one day I realized I had my camera in my car, and decided to show everyone how I work out.  If you want the full affect I highly suggest listening to some Feist and Adele since thats what I listened to while working out this particular time!
 This spring we have had an amazing amount of rain.  Its been pretty miserable, and I got sick of it this past week and decided rain or shine im going outside. So I would usually wait until there is a break in the rain, and then head up the canyon...

This day was rather humorous, considering that I was 45 minutes up the canyon when it started to POUR.  So i put my camera in my hoodie and headed back down as fast I could, but then there was just such beautiful shots to take that I snuck some in... at one point my lens cap fell off and went into the little pond and I had to climb under the fence in the rain and reach into the pond to get my lens cap.  Thats when I decided it was probably best that I stop taking pictures...

This is just playing with tints, true color is above.  But check out the spring run off...

 At the end of the long day, I decided to curl up with a CUPPA tea and read a good book snuggled up on the couch in sweats and a warm blanket...

Part of my eating healthy habits is that I normally start off the day drinking a green tea in the morning, followed by a green smoothie.  So here is my green smoothie recipe that I made up, with my trainers suggestions...

I put a Green Tint on this just to be funny... So dont get scared...
Green Smoothie


1 C. baby spinach
1 C. kale
1/2 C. PLAIN greek yoghurt
1 Truvia packet or (agave or honey to taste)
1 t. Flax or Chia seed
1/2 c. fresh berries
1/2 frozen banana (makes it creamier but you can add fresh, or leave it out.)
Enough milk or water to blend into a nice smoothie.  I tried coconut milk to add more protein and less fat, not the coconut milk in a can, but the kind that comes in milk containers.  It made it into a paste that was a little too thick for me.  But it was really tasty!  I prefer milk.  

This shake is very filling, it has protein from the Yoghurt, potassium from the banana, antioxidants from the berries, fiber from the flax and chia, and loads of vitamins, plus 2 full servings of veggies and a serving of fruit! Note I always try to use organic veggies and fruit, you dont have to but I find them more flavorful and its what i prefer. We added this up one morning and its about 300 calories.  All depends on your milk and yoghurt...

Add all the contents to a blender and blend until smooth... drink and enjoy your fresh start to a great day!


  1. Great drink, lovely canyon with spring just beginning to peak through

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