Monday, June 6, 2011

Shabby Chic Princess Party

Every girl from the time they were little loves to be a Princess.  Well my sister, BreAnne was no exception, any chance she had when she was little she would dress up like a Princess and even preferred to be refereed to as Princess.  Of course, she was only four at the time...
The Princess stage went on through most her childhood and secretly followed into a love for dressing up as she started acting and singing in plays.  Her passion for acting was her creative drive through out her life, majoring in Music Dance Theater, performing as leads in many plays, and showing her talent to the world. She was married almost a year ago to her wonderful husband Tyler, and took a short break from performing.  She is now back into action and will be the lead later this summer in Sound of Music.
Analee is our cousin, who I consider a sister.  She spent many summers down in Utah hanging out with us while she went to different camps, and once finished we would combine our family vacations with her family.  We all became close during her high school years and then she moved down here for college! It's been so nice to have her close by for so long.  She graduated in Business and is currently taking the Business world by storm, while being an adoring wife to her wonderful husband Kory.

Bre and Analee grew up close together in age and in Birthdays.  So my Mom and I got together and planned this "Shabby Chic Princess" party inspired by their love of all things girly!
I've noticed a big trend with burlap lately, and saw a wedding on-line where someone made a sign out of burlap.  So we decided to test it out.  The goal was "imperfection."  I wanted to make it look home made so  we didnt sew anything or measure.  I love how it turned out.  Tutorial will be posted next.
Shabby Chic Princess Party
The dining table was simply draped with burlap and toile over a cream table cloth.  Then we added cream and pink plates, with vintage pink wine glasses.
The napkins were placed in a simple potting cup with a paper flower and a vintage napkin folded inside.  Each place setting had there own flower pot adorned with a matching ribbon, and a place card with there names on it.


The flower pots were covered in vintage fabric and ribbon tied around it, and a birds nest that my Dad found before he left town that morning.
Since im not a "crafty" girl, I just went to Roberts craft store and found fabulous paper products that I used throughout the entire display.  Including some vintage paper that I glued on plain boxes, with eclectic ribbons to wrap the birthday gifts.

The dessert table was covered in burlap as well and then pinned up in the corners.  We draped a square of toile in the middle for contrast and to incorporate it throughout.  We used vintage candle sticks, a pink depression glass bowl, Royal Stafford plates, and some a vintage look cake stand.

Cake stand from Tai Pan Trading Company

The party boxes were paper boxes that we folded and stuck paper button flowers on and added the same ribbon used at the dining table.

The food theme for the night was "Strawberry Fields" since strawberries are now in season.  We had the  dessert table and meal inspired by all things strawberry or pink.  The birthday cake was a Red Velvet Cake done by The Chocolate.
"The Chocolate" Red Velvet Cake

The cupcakes were Vanilla Bean with Strawberry Cream Cheese Frosting.  Mini Vanilla Bean Cheesecakes were placed throughout the table. Last but not least, there were Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Mini Strawberry Cheesecake Parfaits.

Pink Depression Glass

Pink Royal Stafford Plates

 The drinks were imported sodas from France.

Dinner started with a chilled Strawberry Soup. Followed by a Berry Almond Salad, and the main course was Andrea's Salmon with Creme Fraiche Dill Sauce and Asparagus.
Strawberry Chilled Soup

Berry Almond Salad

Baked Salmon with Creme Fraiche Dill Sauce

                                                         Happy Birthday Girls Make A Wish!

Big shout out to my friend Andrea who came over and took pictures with me, all photos were done by the Andrea, Bre, and I, couldn't have done it without them both!
This is her son and our dog Kestler who was showing how when he sits hes suppost to get a treat...

Tutorials and recipes will be posted here after with more explanations on how I made everything!


  1. You made me start to tear up! You are way too generous. I just adore your work! You are incredibly talented. That was the most beautiful, yummy, and special birthday! Thank you so much! Love you tons!!

  2. Yeah!! I've been waiting on pins and needles for you to post this. Love every single detail. I want to be you when I grow up!

  3. It was a beautiful party and everything you made was so yummy! You are an awesome party planner! Love the colors and every detail!

  4. Oh my goodness, how did I ever miss this party... This is incredibly beautiful, and must have been so yummy, too. Love, love, love everything about it!

  5. Thanks everyone for all the love and support!

  6. You know I forgot to mention that my Mother and I threw this together in 4 days... Love doing parties with my Mom, two great minds think a like!

  7. Umm, I want a birthday party like that!

  8. Oh right!!! You are not crafty, yeah!!! You have talent in every area. What an incredible banner, spread, tables, food, etc. I wish I had been here to see it in person. Every detail is a delight. Those parfaits are incredible and i love the little wrap of green - totally crafty woman!
    You need to post this next Wed. night on Tablescapes Thursday - http://betweennapsontheporch.
    It is amazing.

    Thanks for all of your wonderful tips for Paris. We did everything you said and even added being at the top of the Eiffel tower at sunset. So, so, glad I went to Versailles, it was fantastic right now. You helped me more than I helped you I am sure.

    Love, love, love your photos. Pick her brain on how she shot them and then tell me. You are amazing. (Got the camera bag but REI wasn't carrying it anymore, found one at Target of all places. It was great.)

    You are totally right, Paris in two days is really doable, especially when you stay in a central spot.

  9. What an amazing party. What lucky girls. I love all of your ideas.

    - The Tablescaper

  10. Thanks everyone, cant wait for all of you to see the next party!

  11. One of the best parties I've seen on this site!

  12. Rachel, you are a amazing! Please move to Logan so I may eat all of this tasty food. =)

  13. There is SO much to love about this!! The story of friendship alone is so lovely!!!
    I gotta ask, I've always wanted them - where did you get such big balloons!!! I know, of all the things to ask about this AMAZING party!! =)

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