Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lady Bug Picnic

Nothing screams summer like a beautiful summer day picnic.  Of course, you always have a bug or two buzzing around or climbing onto the blanket, trying to get a taste of the wonderful delights you have cooked up.  So I decided that this picnic is dedicated to those lovely little critters who I find adorable in serving dishes, food, and pillows, but would prefer to eat without.  Welcome to the Love Bug Picnic!
To set the scene: I laid a bright colored table cloth on the ground with a gingham black and white runner with little lady bugs stitched into it for our "blanket."  Then I tied a rope from tree to tree and put a table cloth in coordinating colors and used clothes pins to pin it up and give it a more playful look.  Next, I set the stage placing all the food items around the blanket.  Throwing the adorable LADY BUG pillows on the ground, and placing the cute Popcorn holder and sign at the edge. Now that the table is set, lets talk about the food!

 The basket of Retro Cherry Limeade Ingredients was a fun gift from my friend Andrea at "Its The Life." I have linked you HERE to her blog so you can have the How To on how to make it! Look up the Coca Cola one too, its just as cute!

The CUPCAKES were Cherry Cordial Cupcakes with a darling sugar lady bug on top.  The SLIDDERS were Lady Bug Slidders with an All American burger inside.  For the sides I had Little Lady Fruit Skewers, perfect for any little guy or girl to eat.  Veggie fries that I wrapped in Newspaper and sliced thin to look like fries.  I used carrots, celery, and Jicama.  
 I love the look of Milk Glass, but its hard to find these days.  I did however, find some "Not Milk Glass" replicas and just had to use them for the picnic.  The glasses were filled with Cherry Limeade, and the bowls had Cherries and fresh cut french fries for the little guys who just cant stand the veggies!
The bug dishes were filled with different dips.  The Ant had Ranch with Cayenne pepper for the veggies. The bee carried Fruit dip for the fruit skewers, since they are sweet like honey!  The three leaf sauce tray held all the dippings for the slidders with mustard, ketchup, and a Utah favorite, Fry Sauce.  Which is just mayo and ketchup combined, cant eat a fry without it!
'Bugs Eye" View of the Picnic
 A List of Purchases:
TJ Maxx- Bee and Ant Sauce Dishes, Ant salt and Pepper Shaker, Lady Bug Lights.
Tai Pan Trading Company- Gingham black and white ant table runner. Colored Popcorn.
Pier 1- Clearance green and white ladybug dish and the cute matching trio sauce dish.
Thrift Store- The cute "not milk glass" cups and pedestal bowls. The green plates, and the square plates were also a thrift store find.
World Mart- Popcorn containers, news paper wraps.
Orson Gigi- Red Straws, and Ant 

Recipes for this party will be posted in two weeks...


  1. As usual, LOVE IT!!!! Can't wait for the recipes, how did you get your slidders the ladybug color?

  2. Super Cute! You need to name your pictures before you upload them so people can google image search them. If you name them "LadyBugPicnic1", "LadyBugPicnic2" or "LadyBugCupcake"...etc. Something descriptive, then people can find your blog through image search as well as regular google search. To be honest, when I look for ideas online, I usually image search.

    Love it as always! I'm going to feature it on my blog and send some of my readers your way. Return your favor!

  3. This is SO adorable! I can't believe how creative and inventive you are. You should have books and magazines and we can all say, "I knew her when"!

  4. This ia a bright and so fun party! Summers on!

  5. I just adore everything!!!!! Did you make the slider buns? Too cute. I love the little ants that tell what everything is. Your little signs are so cute too done up in chalk. Really a fun party. Harmons advertised cute bug dishes like this last year so I ran over but of course they didn't have them.

    You need to post this with Tablescapes Thursday - get on Wednesday night at 7:00 at

    You have to have a link on your blog to her page or you can't link up. Title it - My First Tablescape - Lady Bug Picnic - then more people will come visit since it is your first! They will love it.

  6. The slider buns are roll dough with red food coloring added during the mixing process and baked with black sesame seeds for design

  7. Absolutely adorable! I love all the fun details ... the little cushions are perfect.

  8. This is amazing, Rachel! I think you are the most creative person I know!