Thursday, March 29, 2012

Once Upon A Time Fairytale Sign, Tutu Skirt, and Baby Bottle Wands

Here are the tutorials for the next three projects, the Tutu Skirt, Fairytale sign, and Baby Bottle Wands...
For the tutu skirt, I cut a 6" x 4' piece of Tulle for the table skirt.  
With each strip I folded the strip in half and looped it around the 2" elastic strip.
Next you want to pull the tail created by folding the tulle strip in half through the loop and tighten it around the elastic strip.  Repeat as many times as you need to create the desired length for your table.
  Since this was a large table I set up against the window, I took it across the front and slightly around the corner, then finished both sides off with ribbon bows pinned on the edges.  To attach it to the table cloth, I safety pinned it on, hiding the safety pins behind it.
To attache the ribbon ruffle, I just hot glued it on, gathered it, then hot glued it to the next spot.  I repeated this until it was the entire length of the skirt, then finished it off by letting the excess fall down the sides. To make the ends look completed, I made a bow with lots of extra ribbon and pinned it to the sides.
 To attach it to the table cloth, I safety pinned it on, hiding the safety pins behind it.
To make the Story Book sign, first you need to get a story book that you dont care about anymore and are willing to age and cut it up.  Next, find your favorite pages and removes them from the book by running an exacto knife down the length of the page.  I used a Disney story book for its larger images and colorful pages, for the main letters.  Next I cut them out of the book and set them aside.  For the rest of the letters, I used an old book that I didn't care about, for smaller pages, and cut out one for each letter, making sure it was just print and no images.
To make the glittery letters I found a font that I loved on-line, and printed them out as big as I could make them.  Then I used Elmers glue, and covered the black area with it, making sure to stay within the lines. Next, I dumped silver glitter all over it, and dumped it back into my bowl of glitter when I was done.  For the white glitter, after I did the silver glitter, I put Elmers glue on the empty space on the letter, and dumped the white glitter on, then dumped it off. My font was a snowy font, but you can use any font you want and even keep the letters one color.  I let the letters dry over night so they could harden up and the glitter wouldn't smear.  Lastly, I cut out each letter to place them on the sign.
The next step is aging the pages.  For this, I used an old rag and a walnut wood stain and put a little dab of paint on the rag.  Next, I rubbed it heavily into the corners and then very lightly and gently i rubbed it around the page, and where the letters were going to be.  I wanted a little bit of the image to show through, but I didn't want the image to be the main focus.  So I dirtied it up a bit.
Next, I glued all the letters on the pages, cut holes at the top of each page corner on both sides, and strung tinsel through it. Then I hung it up in place with some push pins! This was very time consuming, but I loved how it turned out in the end!
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  1. Great instructions on the skirt. I think it was great that you only had to do the front.

  2. I'm curious how much tulle you actually used for this table? It's beautiful. Did you buy bolts of tulle or the smaller 6" rolls?