Saturday, March 31, 2012

Once Upon A Time Princess and the Pea Bed Tutorial

The Princess in the Pea Bed, was one of my favorite projects and it will be my last tutorial for this party.  I took my old doll bed, that I used for my American Girl, and made little mattresses with color coordinating fabrics to stack on top of each other to hold the cupcakes.  I knew I needed something stable for the cupcakes so I went with styrofoam to support them.
First thing I did was measure the top of the matress, and cut it to size with styrofoam found at the local craft store.  Then I added some batting to the sides to make it have a softer look to it. I also purchased 1/2 yard of each fabric.  I would give measurements, but it all depends on the bed you use to make your mattresses, on what size you will need.
 After you cut your mattresses to size, cut a thin strip of batting for the sides making sure they are close to the same length as the mattress.  Hot glue the batting onto the sides of the mattress, leaving the corners empty, so that when you fold the fabric over it doesn't get overly full.
 Cut the fabric to the size of the mattress.  Make sure there is enough to fold over the sides so that you can glue it to the back.

 Hot glue both end sides down first.  Then fold over each corner and glue down the corners with hot glue.
 Take the last fold of fabric and hot glue it to the styrofoam.

 Once its done add to your bed!  This was so easy to do and takes hardly anytime, and you can do as many as you want.
For the frozen roses, cut fresh roses into plastic cups.  Fill the cups half way with water and let it freeze, so you can keep the roses down at the bottom.  Then once its frozen, add the rest of the water and let it finish freezing. 

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Stay tuned for the Recipes to this party!

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  1. I loved all of the details of this party. I am glad to see tutorials. I definitely will read the tutu skirt. I can't pick a favorite detail because it was all sooooooooooo amazing!