Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Paris In a Cup

For my Birthday this year I decided that I wanted to discover a fun place to have High Tea in California.  There were many options to choose from but in the end, Paris in a Cup seemed like the best place to go...

So we started the day off at High Tea.  We found a lovely little place on-line in Orange County called Paris in a Cup.  From the outside it looks cute and inviting, but when you walk into the store, they have a fun little boutique that you can get some very unique things, along with there home made teas.  I highly suggest picking up the Marie Antoinette tea.  Its a fruit infused tea, that in my opinion, is the best tea I have ever had.  

When we walked into the parlor, the interiors were done in a classy style, with a soft color palet of golds and cream that gave the impression of a Parisian restaurant.  The menu was well planned, with fun french names for each dish.  I ordered the Marie Antoinette High Tea, and my Mother got the Juliette, that consisted of there famous potato soup and a crossant sandwich.  

The Marie Antoinette started with a tea of your choice.  I picked the Jasmine Green Tea, it tasted very fresh and florally, but I wanted something light and less sweet.  My Mother ordered the Marie Antoinette tea, and once I tasted that, I quickly finished off mine, and switched to it. It was sweet, but very aromatic and tasted like a fresh fruit drink... it was very delightful. 

My first course was two scones with apricot preserves and clotted cream.  The sugar scone was a vanilla bean and the other was lemon.  They were perfectly made, and had some of the best flavor I have ever tasted in a scone.  
The second course was there famous potato cheese soup, it was a very creamy soup with bacon, sour cream and chives on top.  It was really wonderful and creamy and served in a little tea cup.  
Next, they brought out the third course which consisted of a petit salad with ranch dressing and a few tea sandwiches.  The tea sandwiches were really well made with great flavor to them.  There was an egg, cucumber, quiche, and chicken salad. 

Last they brought out there petit fours which surprised me considering how everything else came out traditionally, these were a little different but still very tasty all the same.  Typically petit fours are little tea cakes, which ill make for my two up-coming tea parties, Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, and English Garden tea party so you can see them.   What they served was a lemon bar, Carrot Cake, and a little chocolat mouse in a chocolat tea cup...darling to say the least, and all tasty. 

Last we decided to order there tropical macaroon cookies.  Which were amazing and fun to try.

In the end if you have the opportunity to visit and spare an hour, I highly suggest it.  The service was wonderful, the food exceptional, and the place was a perfect little retreat to let your mind escape to Paris.  

That night, I got to finish off my birthday celebration with my family at PF Changs in Santa Monica with my Brother who lives there, my other brothers and my Dad who's birthday was the next day, hence the two desserts.  My wonderful Mother bought me the most amazing things from my favorite stores, and of course she let me get Sprinkle Cupcakes for my birthday cake, which my sister and I have deiced are the best cupcakes out there!  Heres to another year, lets hope its the best one yet~


  1. Loved this place! Love you!

  2. What a great birthday celebration. The high tea looks wonderful. We tried Dear Lizzy's tea and were so disappointed. They didn't even give us a sweet, we had to buy it extra. I like their regular lunch but not their tea.

    We have gone to Sprinkles with Tyson and Audra in California, they were great. We also had amazing cupcakes at Bristol Farms grocery store - wish I had one of those here!

    Happy birthday, late! You guys have way too much fun.