Monday, March 7, 2011

Alice's Tea Cup- New York City

The first week of December, my Mom took my younger sister and I on a lovely girls trip to New York City.   I have always wanted to see New York during the Christmas season so I was beyond excited.  On our flight over, my sister bought a gossip magazine and read up about Alice's Tea Cup, and how its Katie Holmes favorite place to take her daughter.  Since I have such a love of Tea Shops, we decided that it was going to be a must do on our list.   So with the four days we were there, we went window shopping and of course actual shopping,  saw a few musicals  (loved In the Heights) and then we decided to skip our usual brunch at Normas, and before we flew out, we went to Alice's Tea Cup.

I was completely enchanted by the whimsical charm of the building, its pretty much a little girls dream come true. The moment you walk in they have little Alice in Wonderland pictures, and figurines all over the place (Its pretty similar to Serendipity.)  The stairs have children's butterfly wings attached all the way up the stairs, then the booths are fun and playful along with the seating.  They have a list of homemade teas that they make, I ordered Christmas Tea and it was fantastic!  We ate brunch there, my sister got the pumpkin pancakes (fabulous), my Mother ordered some eggs benedict on a ham and cheese scone (we didn't love it), and I got the french toast bread pudding style with berries and cream that were cooked on the bottom.  It was pretty delicious.  All and all i highly suggest going there next time your in New York.  It's not really close to anything, but its fun and the food is great, but the experience is just exciting! They also have a cookbook, which i purchased and will do a tea party on in the spring... stay tuned for recipes.  So heres some pictures of our trip, and of course my favorite little tea shop in New York City!


  1. I love this! I loved this trip too! Thanks for the wonderful memories! Love you!

  2. Tea = barf. However, cutesy little shops, family, and yummy breakfast = awesome. :)