Friday, April 22, 2011

Vintage French Garden Wedding

Most girls from the time they were little have dreamed about there wedding, from the dress, to the color scheme, to the rings, and most of the time picturing the groom to always be that perfect dream boy.  Well for me, I could never make up my mind on which theme I would choose in the end.  (Which in my case, I still havn't had to make that final decision!)  Every few months I thought up a new theme, color scheme, favorite flowers, and destination to have the wedding. It was really hard for me to choose between, Winter, Summer, Fall, and Spring.  I had designed amazing weddings in my head for each season and I was completely torn!  So when I hit eighteen, and graduated High School, all the sudden I realized I needed to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, and then it dawned on me, that I never even thought that far in life!  So I brain stormed for a few weeks and thought to myself,  well might as well take my passions and help them excel.

So I learned everything I could about Event Planning from the catering to the designs, and everything in between.  At some point I decided that I dont just want to do weddings, I want to do all kinds of creative events and put my talents to work.  So I felt that getting an Interior Design degree would further my knowledge with design, and help me in my field.  So i took a break, discovered all different ways to design, (which mind you in my head created even more weddings! Sigh*) and met some of the most amazing individuals that I had the opportunity to go through design school with, who not only shared my passion for event planning, but we worked well together as a team!

So when my little sister got engaged, I had the wonderful opportunity to plan her wedding, along with my Mother and two of my great friends Joeli and Carly (from school).  As my Mother and I sat down with my sister and her soon to be husband, we discussed what theme they wanted.  At the time, my sister was very into the vintage theme, and wanted her colors to be Tiffany Blue, Cream, Black, and Raspberry.  So I threw in a plum purple because we were lacking flower choices, and started to create.

Since everyone was doing a Vintage theme at the time, we wanted to put a new twist to it, so we got inspired by one of my classic favorites, French Country toile.  We stuck with the french theme and created a Patisserie for the food, with all the classic French desserts and baguettes. The bridesmaid dresses were a french toile and so were the linens.  But for the rest of the wedding we added a nice blend of vintage and modern with an emphasis on a country French garden in my Parents back yard.

We repurposed the Vintage door and put a shakespeare sonnet with picture of the couple engagement, along with the signing book.
Entrance to the wedding, before they walked through the rose arbors with hanging lanterns, flower balls, and fairy lights.

This is where the bridal party and the gift table were located.  With hanging jam jars with tea lights and flowers in the trees to give it a romantic feeling.

Vintage lanterns were hung all over the gardens, but sadly pictures didn't get taken of it!
Pictures of the Bride and Groom throughout the dating life hung on vintage handkerchiefs.

All the floral arrangements and bouquets were design by Joeli Lerdall, with Carly and I as her assistants.

Toille cake to keep with the "French" theme, we had the layers Neapolitan inside. So it was Chocolate and Strawberry cake with Vanilla bean frosting, amazing!

The Candy Shop, Let Them Eat Cake, was on the window since the black and white donuts are the grooms cake, representing the bride, in a white on white donut and the groom in chocolate on chocolate.

We wrapped them up with twine so that they were easy to take home.

As the sun set all the lanterns and fairy lights really started to glowing, making it the perfect time for the Bride and Groom to have there first dance...

The couples first dance under the old fashion lights strung from the balcony above...

There are a lot of people I need to put a shout out to for helping us with the wedding.  So many people helped with photography, serving, clean up, along with helping us create our visions.  Thank you so much for all the help everyone and the love and support. We love you all!

Temple and bouquet pictures were taken by Nicole Hill Gerulat.
You can visit her website HERE!


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  3. I miss spelled and messed up! What I want to say is LOVELY!

  4. Thanks for the shout out!! :) This is a great post! Beautiful photos, beautiful people, beautiful designs, beautiful everything! Bre is so lucky to have such a creative and resourceful big sister! :)

  5. This brings back such wonderful memories....My husband & I were married in the Salt Lake Temple 30 years ago. The bride is beautiful & the reception looks really fun....Thank you for posting!

  6. Wow Rachel! I love this! It is so great!

  7. It was a magical evening!!! Love the blog, Rachel!!!

  8. Beautiful Wedding! TFS :) I love the SLC temple :)


  9. Fantastic and Beautiful as is everything you do!