Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Rainbow Party

The Decor

The Table-Ware

The Center Piece

The Table Art
The Rainbow Jello
The Rainbow Treats
The Stripe Pudding
And The Rainbow Cake!
Make a Wish until Next Year

Thanks everyone for viewing this party, It was really fun to do, these are my final photos of it that I just got, from my good friend Andrea who took them.  Thanks for all who came, helped out, and supported me.  Love you all!


  1. Thanks for throwing such a fun party! It was a blast.

  2. these photos make me want to eat rainbows! i love the jell-o! beautiful work!

  3. These are bright and beautiful now! So are you! Thanks Andrea! Wonderful photography

  4. Love the new blog look.... So great! Thanks again Andrea!

  5. I am your "LUCKY" 13th follower! I am so glad your mom posted your blog on Facebook. What a fun party. I have wanted to make a rainbow cake! That is just gorgeous.

    So glad you are blogging now! You will become addicted!