Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

Every Easter Sunday, my family always has a big gathering where we get together and eat a nice meal, and then go out and hunt for Easter eggs.

Now, that we are all older you would think none of us would have the desire to hunt for eggs full of candy anymore, but you're sadly mistaken.  My Mother new that once we got older, she would have a hard time getting us to participate in this childhood adventure, so she upped the game a little and brought in the Bentley Egg.  Starting when I was in High School, each year after dinner, we would gather around the family room while my Mother read us the story of the Bentley Egg.  After which, we were given a hint about where we might find it, lined up at the door with our flimsy Easter baskets, and off we went...the hunt was officially on!  Now the Bentley Egg is a special Egg that is hidden very well, and you can typically only find it with hints.  Once found, you are the sole owner of the contents inside it which is typically anywhere from $20-$50 dollars, along with European Chocolates.  So needless to say, now that were all older, we still search for the egg AND its caught on to a few of our friends and extended relatives who also show up for our annual "hunt."  (However, I just realized that I did not take a picture of it, sorry!)

 For this years theme, my Mother and I, decided to incorporate these wonderful European Chocolate foiled eggs, and wheat grass as our main theme.  We added fake foiled eggs hung from the chandelier with playful spring ribbon.

Wheat grass was placed around the base of the beautiful spring flowers with hidden foiled eggs in the grass, and each plate had there own individual foiled egg as well.  We brought out pastel blues and greens out for the tablescape for a nice spring look that was soft and elegant and let the eggs really pop on the table.  Each place setting also had there own individual cupcake, made to look like an Easter egg.

For dinner we had a homemade version of Rumbis Island Grill Hula Salad, Hawaiian Haystacks, and of course the traditional hot cross buns that we picked up from Shirleys Bakery!

Check out tomorrow for a recipe on the Hula Chicken Salad!


  1. Love it! Looks wonderful and it was so good!

  2. You're so creative! I love how you guys always go all out for every occasion.

  3. Looks wonderful, ladies!!! Wish I had a daughter that loved to do beautiful things like this!!! Rachel, you are AMAZING & considering the teacher you had it is NOT surprising!!!!

  4. Looks super cute... as always.