Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christmas Surf and Turf

Traditionally for Christmas Eve we have my Mothers side of the family over, and we do a big Baked Crepe dinner.  Then we dress up and act out the nativity scene, next Santa Clause comes over and surprises us and we sing Christmas Carols, and get a present from him, then Grandma June reads the Night Before Christmas, and we end the night opening presents from her.

However, now that everyone is grown, and the family is getting too big.  We have simplified things to just have Christmas Eve with just out immediate family. So this Christmas Eve we focused on our family, and had our first Surf and Turf Christmas, to celebrate that we were leaving to Cabo in the morning!  So here is the menu:

Dads amazing Grilled Steak
Coconut Shrimp with Thai Coconut Curry Sauce
Crab legs and Melted Butter
Green Beans and Almonds
Fettuccine with Myzethera Cheese and Browned Butter
Vegetable tray with Ranch Dip

Then around the table we had fruits, breads and olives.  My Mom and I wanted to make it a very simple earthy look, so we used fresh pine, and earthy tones, and used her Vintage christmas plates.  This was probably one of my favorite Christmas Eves, just simple and fun!

I wish i noticed the paper plate, but sadly I didnt...