Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ice Castles

For those of you who live in Utah, I highly suggest taking a little excursion up to Midway to see the Ice Castles.  Last year, my roommate Maria and I were heading home from a day in Park City, when she wanted to show me the ZerMatt Resort in Midway.  One of our favorite teachers from Design School had done the interiors of it, and I had always wanted to see it.  Its really charming, with the whole Swiss look, including sheep grazing in the hills behind it, a spa, and restaurant.

When we pulled up, we noticed these huge ice sculptures in front of the main building.  We wandered inside and met the man who created them, and he told us about his "art" and what he had dreamed for them.  They were amazing last year, so we thought we would journey up and see them this year.  They moved to a different location, but are larger and you can actually walk through them.  So if you have ever dreamed of walking through an Ice Cave or having a fun time taking pictures in a Winter Wonderland setting, I highly suggest visiting these at night when they turn the lights on inside them.  The most beautiful part about it, is all these photos are in the raw, i didn't tweak any of them.  Thats just what the ice does, the only lights in them are white. Then of course, after you finish you should go out and have yourself a little Cuppa hot coco!