Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lemon Tea Party

Lemon Tea Party

The snow may still be on the ground, the storms may be brewing outside, but it's March and I officially deemed it Spring in my house!  When I'm tired of the winter blues, all i want is the color Yellow everywhere.  As I was thinking about what I should do with yellow, I thought of my favorite place in Italy which is the Island of Capri.  It's this beautiful Island that has the most amazing food and it's all inspired by Citrus, not to mention its probably the most romantic place I have ever been.  So as I thought about that, I thought about my favorite tea and one thing lead to another and I came up with this...

Capri Italy

So this room was all inspired by citrus Yellows and lime Greens.  I wanted to bring in the whole vintage spring look and make it feel light and fresh in my house.  So we brought in greenery, spring flowers, vintage pieces along with a nice blend of modern and vintage dishes.  For my table cloth, all i had was a white table cloth so to add texture, color, and help bring in the Vintage look I wanted, I took some vintage handkerchief that i picked up at a thrift store for cheap,  and laid them across in a diagonal pattern.  The chairs were given a wreath of greenery that just brought in a touch of color, and were hung by a simple yellow ribbon.  The couch I switched out the Valentine red pillows and brought in fresh greens and yellow.  The dessert is a lemon and chocolate petifore that i picked up from Mrs Bakers Bakery in Salt Lake City.  It is the only place I know of that carries traditional petifores, and I must say, probably the best thing in their bakery!  The tea is a lemon cinnamon tea that my roommate introduced me too and has become a nightly favorite of mine.

Lemon Cinnamon Tea

1 Lemon
2 Sticks of Cinnamon
2 Cups Water
Honey to Taste (or Agave, but I typically use Truvia)

In a tea pot place 2 cups of water, 2 cinnamon sticks, and one fresh squeezed lemon in a pot of water.  Let boil for 20 minutes and add in tea cup, add sweetener and enjoy!  Simply I know, but its amazing and great for your metabolism since both lemon and cinnamon rev it up!


  1. You know I think its cute... all of it... especially that ADORABLE Tea Set that I let you borrow. ha ha.

  2. Love this, love the changevyou made on the garland trailing the top of the screen? Your the best!