Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nordic Woodland Christmas

I love a playful take on a traditional Christmas tree.  When the woodland theme came out I fell instantly in love with it.  Slowly, I have been collecting a few woodland ornaments here and there.  This year as I was looking around Pinterest I saw someone do a Nordic tree.  Right then and there I decided I had to do a Nordic Woodland tree.   This is my tree in my TV room. I love all the colorful pops of red with the playful woodland creatures.  
The picture below is a new addition that I added last year.  My room is a little bit of a hodge podge right now.  I bought the condo with the cute paint, and had most of the furniture already.  So for me I needed something to tie it all in.  The deer brought it all together perfectly and I love how it looks with my Christmas.
 Next year, I want to get pillows for this room to go with the fun handmade pillow that was a gift from Andrea at Its The Life. She creates the cutest designs and always spoils me for Christmas.  It's nice having talented friends.  She also gave me the woodland village you will see in a few pictures down.

Yes thats real carved wood lit garland... swooning!

I love the overall look of a Christmas tree, but to me in order to really see the beauty of it you need to see all the gorgeous detailed shots.  With a Woodland tree one of my favorite things about it is all the hidden creates you place around the tree.  It's a tree that keeps you exploring.

 What Nordic woodland tree wouldn't have a gnome hidden in it, and yes there are actually two hidden in the tree!

 When I found this ribbon I was so obsessed that I refused to cut it.  So i had to get creative about how I put it in the tree. I wanted it to look like a scarf.  It could be a scarf in fact if it wasn't so long.

 My Mom found this playful deer for me.  I almost returned him because I already have the silver deer.  But honestly... who could give up this little guy!

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  1. What a beautiful of the best I have seen in blogland!
    Merry Christmas.