Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Circus in the Playroom

What child doesn't want to play with a darling little circus, themed with cute animals, popcorn, and tickets they can sell to their fellow friends.  I adore all the details in this circus from its playful colors, to its cute patterns on each item, and the details in the plush toy characters to play with.  
 This is what the circus box looks like from the outside, my Mother bought it earlier this Spring. I tried looking for it on Amazon, and can't find it again.  They may have sold out by now.
 The book on the beach, that we were reading to my niece, was the Extraordinary Jane by: Hannam E. Marrison. We purchased this at Barnes and Noble. 
Meet the Characters of the Circus.  

We have: Mister Strong Man Mouse who is also on the flying trapeze. 
Serious Simon the Shy Seal
Lyon the Lazy Lion
Mortimer Mouse the Ring Master and Ticketmaster. 
Ellie The Elephant- Jewels and Beauty are her thing.
Close up of the tickets and the popcorn box.
Lyla, my niece was given her own bag of popcorn while listening to the book.  Of course Mortimer decided he wanted to be lazy and listen as well. 
Lyla has Maileg Circus tent next to her play tent, so we can read books under the "fairy lights" to her at night.  

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