Saturday, September 6, 2014

Shadow Puppets

Remember on the blog post: "Oh The Places You Will Go Little One, " I had these darling shadow puppets from Anthropologie.  They have two sets,  the bedtime stories which is what I used, and you can find HERE. and the Circus ones which you can find HERE. Anyone who knows me, knows that's my favorite store, and inspires me all the time on new ideas.  The entire collaboration of post, came from these little shadow puppets, while I was trying to find towels for my guest bathroom, I happened upon these and had to figure out a way to use them.  Its always the little things, the inspire the big results.
As you saw before, I used them as silhouettes on my glasses in the main blog post, but I also thought they would be so fun to use at a children's sleep over dress up party as the napkin holders.Then at night, after all the kids are tucked away in bed,  have them each use there character and tell different stories before bed.  I tied a ribbon around the napkin and slid the shadow puppet inside then placed them on top of the plates.  Loved how it turned out!
I pulled these out on the last night Lyla and BreAnne were in town.  We were going to read her this amazing Rapunzel book that we found at Barns and Noble, and tell her the story using shadow puppets. First i tried to photograph them having my Mother hold them while I shot the photo.  Lyla saw what we were doing and was determined to tell the story herself.  There goes my dream plan! We had fun and she was really good at helping us hold the images while we attempted to tell the story before her bath time. In the end we just played with all the different shadow puppets. 
Bre was a sport, she had been packing all night and helped us play for a minute.
 Close up shot on the shadow puppets.

 Here is some details of the characters you get.
After bath time was over Lyla was all snuggled up on the floor in her Aurora pajamas. We read her the story of Rapunzel, with all the characters, and we might have thrown in a dragon scene or two.  She laughed joyfully and absolutely fell in love with the book coming to life with just a flashlight and the images. I sent the shadow puppets home with BreAnne, since Lyla enjoyed them so much. Watch for an upcoming review on the Rapunzel book and Shadow puppet tutorial on my sister's blog soon.
Just click HERE to link to her blog, and you can find out all the details and more!


  1. Hello Rachel. I am coming over from Jacqueline's blog. I am knows as the Blog Fairy. Your blog is lovely. Love the shadow puppets...what a great idea and so much fun for the kiddos. Love your creativity. I am off to explore more of your posts. From your newest follower, Linda

    1. Linda,

      Thank you for following me, all of Jacuelines followers are the best, and feel honored to have them come over to my page and follow me. Thank you so much, cant wait to check out your blog!