Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Paris & London Bridal Shower

My wonderful Mother, and her friend Joanne did this beautiful bridal shower, for my future sister-in-law, Jerika.  They will be going to Paris and London on their Honeymoon, so that was their theme.  

Joanne's back yard, is like walking into a movie set.  All the details and touches that have gone into her yard are incredible.  She and her husband, have put years of hard work into it, and you can see the results have payed off nicely. 
This charming old gate leads down a path to my childhood play house.  It was the best playhouse ever built.  Kim and Joanne built it for their two darling girls, and now their grandkids get to come and enjoy it every time they are in town. 
Each dress represents one city: Paris & London.
All the elegant banners were hand made by Joanne.  She even cut every single one out by hand.  Absolute perfection.

These fun vintage lights were hung in the tree the night before.  You will see further down, that they light up and bring a fun ambiance to the back yard at night.
Flowers were picked up at Costco.  Simple cute arrangements. 

More detailed shots of the play house.  Stay tuned, because we will have two photo shoots coming up with this darling house decorated for the Holidays.  
As promised, the lights are all lit up, stunning isnt it?
When I showed up, we had to battle some crazy wind and random rain showers.  You can tell in some of the shots by how the signs are hanging.  The hearts up above, all came undone and they had to quickly put them back up before the party.  Each heart in the banner,  was cut out from vintage maps of Paris and London , darling isn't it?
This is their outdoor dining area? Doesn't it look like something from out of Father of The Bride, the movie?
Industrial lights strung along the banners.  Each sign is different with darling details about the shower.
The wind was blowing very hard when I took the picture of this banner.  I'm heart broken because most of the pics turned out blurry.  But I was able to get two detailed shots.  Joanne cut all these out by hand. 
We hard our favorite Spa Water: Strawberry-Pineapple.
Cakes were done by: Annie Pugmire .  She did an amazing job  decorating and designing the cakes, the details are to die for.  Cute little flowers make up the petals on the pink cake.  A white chocolate Paris Eiffel Towers is atop the middle cake, with cute little white flowers and coconut on the front.  The shimmer cake was adorned with Eiffel Towers around the body of it.
Delicious sandwiches, salads, and fruit were served and, made by my Mom and her friends.
This is my cute new sister-in-law.  Can't wait for her to be a part of our family.  Four more weeks!

Of course, anytime we do something with the family, we have to have some Lyla pics.  She met a new friend, who was so gentle and sweet with her.  She loves Joannes dogs, as you can see below.
Here are some of the party guests, enjoying some good conversation and food.  If you are looking for a gorgeous place to have a reception, party, or get together.  Contact me on my blog, Joanne rents her yard out during the Summer and is happy to help you have a lovely space for your event. 


  1. So fun. I wish I could hang out in that backyard every day.

  2. Out of this world! I am always in awe at what you Folkman's can create! It's so beautiful and the detail is truly amazing. Love it! (trying to pick my jaw up off the floor now). :)

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