Thursday, October 2, 2014

Fall Vintage Tablescape

Nothing makes me more happy than to feel the Autumn breeze shifting through the air as the leaves cascade across the mountains in a multitude of colors.  That is when I know my favorite season  Fall is finally here!  It's the beginning of those cold, lazy days curled up by the fire in a nice cozy sweater and drinking some hot tea.  Or at least, that is what I remember it being like.  These days its the beginning of the Holiday season, which means my work load triples, and my sleep minimizes to nothing.  Yet, I love it!
This Fall, I decided to take a classic table scape and change it out into three different scenes, with only changing a few things here and there.  I wanted to show how easy it is to transform a room from season to season.  Of course to make it more fun, we did it outside this vintage playhouse at Joanne's house.  My Mom, Joanne, and I collaborated using items from all of our homes. I just love how it turned out.  You will get to see how each season we transform it into a new scene.   
Vintage ladder back chairs are paired up with a burlap table cloth, vintage linens, antique glassware and modern plates.  
Apples are just coming in season!  
This is a side shot of the play house.  
Vintage handkerchiefs are tied together, adding a playful flair to the table scape.  We put fresh cabbage and flowers in the window box for a pop of color. 
Fresh berries wrapped around a small mirror create a elegant wreath for the door. 
I may have stolen leaves from the Canyon to make it look like Fall.  I call it, side of the road pick up service. 
Vintage bucket, full of gorgeous white pumpkins and gourds.  Honestly, they are the cutest pumpkins I have ever seen!
Vintage bucket with fresh copper stems and white pumpkins add a playful background against the playhouse.  We used a watering tin, full of fresh sunflowers, gourds, and orange berries from one of Joannes trees on a old wood tray from Germany.
More detail shots.

Burlap tied with a handkerchief was used for napkins.  Places on top of floral plates, with a bright pop of mustard yellow.  Joanne let us use her Grandmother's silverware that has beautifully aged over the years. 
Front view of the playhouse, with all its rustic details. 

This is what it looks like, as you walk up the path to the playhouse.  

Vintage Egg Carton

You can see a peak of the berries used in the tablescape from the tree, and a bit of the roof top where the lights hang from the playhouse.

Stay tuned for the next tablescape.


  1. It couldn't be a more beautiful setting with the quaint playhouse and the path, trees and fence! I just want to come in and sit and enjoy! I love your fall arrangement on the table too. You three all have such a great eye for detail. Absolutely charming!