Monday, October 6, 2014

Pumpkins Tablescape & Banner Tutorial

It's easy to create a new look each week with a few simple changes. We switched out some of the plates creating more of an emphasis on the pumpkins then added wild berries to the pitcher.  This table scape was based on a natural autumn look and focuses on the best part of Fall: Pumpkin Season!  

Burlap ribbon tied around the stem of the pumpkins with fresh orange berries add a playful pop of color to the table scape.
A paper and ribbon banner replaces the vintage handkerchiefs, creating a new look for the space.
Love all the fresh fruit on the trees. 

Shabby Chic Banner Tutorial
To create a shabby chic look gather items to layer on your pennants. I used book page circles with fun edges, vintage crochet doilies cut from a stained dresser scarf, old buttons and craft paper fans. (You could also use scrapbook paper, paper doilies and vintage jewelry)
I let my book page determine the size of this pennant. I then cut the craft paper 1" smaller. 
After trimming the edges with decorative scissors layer the two triangles and punch holes at the top for your twine or ribbon.
At this point I chose to string my pennants on the twine so the doilies and fans wouldn't be dislodged when I put everything together. Leave some room between each pennant so you can tie on ribbon and lace, this will add to your shabby look.
Attach the doilies to the pennants leaving a bit showing at the top
Cut 2 squares out of craft paper (make your squares the same measurement as your craft paper pennant) fold each accordion style then fold these in half. Glue the inside edges together, next glue the two fans together creating a half circle. 

Attach your fan to the pennant.
Attach your book page circle and top with a button.
I used Scotch brand glue sticks to attach everything, I was amazed at how well it held! For a more permanent banner you could use a glue gun if you prefer.

As much as I would love to take credit for this gorgeous banner Joanne came up with the idea and made it while I was at work.  It started off pretty simple, then the next morning it turned out to be this.  I was in love with it from first sight.  She cut it all by hand, of course you can also do it on a cricket if you prefer.  I for one can't cut straight for the life of me so I would do it with a cricket.  I love how elegant this turned out and how generic it is.  You could use it for any holiday and it just gives each room or party that little extra splash of fun.

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