Sunday, August 31, 2014

Carnival At The Beach

This summer we took a much needed girls trip to Newport Beach, California.  We spent a lot of the time playing with my darling niece Lyla, and making up some fun activities for her. 
During the day we built sand castles, or at least attempted to before they got destroyed by the little monster. In reality we just built a giant pile of sand.  The waves were HUGE that day, because of the storm warnings over by Hawaii, so we decided to just lay around in the sand and play, avoiding the rough water as much as possible.

Later on we decided to take the little Princess, on our last night in California, to read her a bedtime story while watching the sunset at the beach.  She refused to wear the cute outfit we had planned for this so we let her be 'Punzel instead, which I loved in the end. 

If you remember my last post, Oh The Places You Will Go Little One, I had some circus animals displayed on the table.  This post represents those animals and how the books that we read in our childhood can enhance our imagination, and bring us to a world where the impossible is always possible.  It's wonderful how it came to life in my niece's imagination by playing with the circus, and reading it with a wonderful book.  This summer we all got to see the circus come to life when we went to Circ Du Soleil on the Santa Monica Pier, in California.  

What a perfect way to end a beautiful vacation.   


  1. Wherever did you get the wonderful circus tent? I love it, love it, love it!!
    How fun. She just has the most fun being a princess doesn't she?!!

  2. Thank you Jackie! It was one of those fun finds off of Amazon!