Friday, December 19, 2014

Blue Christmas

This Christmas I was feeling a little blue about the holiday season. So I let it inspire my entire color scheme for my living room.  Typically, we do a huge Christmas Eve part with all of my family, friends, and extended family.  This year will be the first year that I'm the only child at home this year.  It's weird being older and single.  Holidays that you waited all year for that used to be your favorite time of year no longer hold the appeal that they once held.  Don't get me wrong, I still love the Christmas season. I have decorated amazing homes, been in magazines, have had amazing nights with incredible friends, been sick a day or two... all in all so far it's been one of my best.  Yet, I just am not excited for it.  So I went with a very soft and mellow color scheme that reflected me. It's a room to unwind and relax in when I come home from a crazy day of work.  I just wish I could keep it up all winter!
 I love all the different tones of blue.  To me Winter inspires so many different shades of blue.  Starting with the fresh morning teal sky when the sun rises and the soft winter frost is in the air. To the deep, rich winter night sky.  There are blues everywhere and that was my inspiration for this room.  I wanted it to be based off of a Winter Frost, since clearly Utah won't get its act together and give me a white Christmas.
 I kept things simple by using a plain frosted garlands and frosted trees, a deer, a classy Bethany Lowe Church and sleigh.  Working at the Gatehouse No. 1 makes it pretty easy for me to pick up items there.  So as you look around a lot of items are from there.  The silver deer, fur wreath, fur tree skirt, and fur throw are all finds from last year at other places.
 Bethany Lowe Church with my favorite bottle brush trees.
 I made the garland simple this year,  I only used two picks on both sides.  I have white fur stockings that match, but I couldn't find them.  So just imagine how cute this would look with my fur stockings!
I dressed my highboy up with the blue pottery, and a simple garland with a sleigh and reindeer above. Simple, classy, and elegant that's the best way to go.

 I love my little white antlers at the top of my tree! I did my little happy dance when I unboxed them at work this year, and you can bet they were the first things I purchased... among many others!

 With the strong black accents in my room, I added this darling black ribbon with chalk board writing on the ribbon.  It tied the entire room together and added a modern feel to the tree.
 I wanted to show you close up of the sprays and ornaments used in the tree. I took all different shades of blue. In fact some ornaments I only have 3 of in every color.  It was a risk adding different blues in a lot of different shades, but in the end I loved how it turned out!

 Every year when I pull out this tree skirt it just makes me swoon!
 Overall look of the room.

 When the sun sets it's time to turn on the lights.  I love the warm golden glow my room takes on at night.  It creates a warm and cozy feel for/ such a cool color palette.

This year I splurged a little on this room and got these beautiful ottomans and custom pillows. 

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  1. So sorry we missed you for the home tour! Your house is fabulous and every detail perfect! You are amazingly talented. I loved each room - couldn't tell you my favorite!