Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Black & White with Pops of Bright Christmas

I finally am getting around to blogging my own house!  I swear, I always think of all these fun and cute ideas during the Holidays, and then reality hits... the job, getting sick, prior commitments and everything that I want to blog about gets shoved on the side.  Clearly, this year is no exception.  At least, I'm blogging it all before Christmas day.  This just might be my accomplishment of the year people!  

I'm a sucker for a black and white color scheme.  As you can see with sneak peek pictures of my home.  This year I wanted to use the same kitchen set up I've been using all year with just a little additional touches.  I already had most of the items shown above. I just added these darling plates and a few other items.  To make life easy )and my typing minimal)  I'll just say that everything I got was from random stores, Anthropologie, and Gatehouse No. 1.  So if you want any of the following items, those two are your best bet!
I always add a little touch of something to my chairs.  Its easy to tie a little wreath, spray, or ribbon to them and add a fun and festive pop!
I kept things very simple, by using bright and fun colors to pop against the black and white.

Plates and mug are from Anthropologie. The rest of the items I have used on previous tables.

 I have this new obsession with felt ornaments and nativities.  This year I wanted to get more of them,but I couldn't figure out how to display them with my candy tree.  So I decided to do a simple felt ornament tree and use the nativity as a big color pop in the room.

Who doesn't want a golden reindeer?
Cute Elephant my Mom picked up for me somewhere in California.

Darling felt birds from the Gatehouse No.1.

Don't you just love my angel?  I sure do!

I don't know about you but colored lights just make me happy.  So I love the huge bright colored lights strung among my kitchen!

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