Sunday, April 7, 2013

Little Cuppa Tea goes to London!

I'm sure many of you, have caught on by reading my blog that I LOVE England!  I mean, its my favorite place on Earth, and I have been very blessed to have visited it quite a bit.  However, that doesn't stop me from wanting to go whenever I can!  This past fall, I was able to jump on a business trip with my parents and visit England and Holland.   So for the next few blog post i'll finally be posting about this trip.  
 You can only imagine my excitement after our long flight when our Taxi pulled up to this Hotel.  Its an old train station, that is still running with the underground connected to it.  Inside, is one of the most gorgeous Hotels I have ever seen in my life.  
 When you first enter the doors, they have this table full of different desserts for High Tea, not only is it visually appealing, but they were delicious.  I only tried the green one in the back, which was a Pistachio, chocolate, and cherry cake. 
To the Left is a picture of the front doors, and the gorgeous floral arrangements that are all throughout the front entry way.  To the left was what was awaiting us when we entered our room.
 These are the famous stairs in the St. Pancras that lead up to the different apartments. If I remember correctly, I still think they are used today.  But the other half is the Hotel.
 When you look up from the first level of the stairs.  Sorry about the lighting, the sun finally decided to come out right when I went to take a picture.
 The room to the right, is the Breakfast/Afternoon Tea room, where we would spend our mornings and afternoons relaxing.  Stay tuned for my next post "Foodie London" to see what amazing food we were served!

Not sure what this was about, but I thought it looked cool!
 How can you not go to the the first European Anthropologie store, got an amazing scarf that everyone goes crazy over! 
 Whenever were in London, we always stop by and see a Musical or two.  We saw Matilda, which was very well done and enjoyable.  Then we saw Ghost, which I couldn't stand.
 Even though I use this blog for an outlet for creativity, event planning, and catering. My actual degree and job are in Interior Design.  London has some of the the most amazing, Interior stores, Art Museums, and so on.  So we spent a lot of our time checking those out.  This trip we didn't have as much time as we normally do, so we didn't visit any museums.  But maybe someday I'll blog my last trip which I went to about six.
 SmallBone, love their designs!
 Furniture Store.
 The famous Egyptian Staircase in Harrods.  
 I'm pretty much obsessed with Architecture, and I could bore you to death with all the pictures I take of it, but heres a few of my favorites.  
 The London Eye, love this picture, but have never ridden in it. Haha
 Big Ben
Hampton Court above, and gardens below.

 West Minister Abbey 
 Hyde Park
 City View...
 The Globe.

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