Monday, April 8, 2013

Foodie London

I've heard many people say that they love London, but the food isnt anything to write home about.  From my experience, I have actually found some very lovely places to eat, that were some of the best food I have had in my life!  Not only were they delicious, but very reasonably priced.  Here is just a few of them that we found on this trip.  Most we didn't eat at, but they looked amazing so I had to take a picture.
If you are in Paris or London, you have to stop by and try a macaron at LADUREE.  I promise, no other macaron will be good enough for you after tasting one of these!  They are just simply incredible and they have a ton of different flavors to try from.
Saw this little gem on the side of the road and just too a picture!
A shop owner that we were visiting, suggested we have lunch here. Some of the best Italian food I have ever had!

My dear friend Zinta, in the pic below with me.  Not a great picture, but I adore her enough to post it.  We made it to England just in time to celebrate her birthday.  So we went to anywhere she wanted. She choose this lovely Vegetarian Restaurant, that had the most wonderful food.  We even bought the cook book we loved it so much!  Just be warned, it has very little eating space, but I find that all the best places do.

Next we went to my favorite little tea shop to get tea.  She is showing me how the "English" pour a proper tea...
The tasty teas we tried, I bought 4.  I cant even beging to tell you how much I love them!
This is the Breakfast that we were served every day at our Hotel.  It was more food then I could eat, but   it tasted so good, minus the eggs.  I'm not a huge fan of scrambled.
As we were walking around one more, we came across a food Market.  The following pictures are of what they sold.  We didnt buy anything.  After the breakfast we just ate, we couldn't possibly!  But it was fun to see and look!

Zinta told us to try out the Humming Bird Cafe. It's an American Style Bakery.  From the moment I walked in, I completely loved the Interiors.  The Bakery was very well designed, and it was extremely busy.

Brownies with the hummingbird on them.
Here is there cookbook.  I own a million cookbooks that I never use, so I decided not to get it, but the cupcakes were very delicious!
Chocolate Cupcake and Red Velvet Cupcake.  We did eat these and they were worth every bite!
Across the street I saw this darling ice cream shop. Too full to bother eating any of it, but if I had room, I defiantly wanted to try. Loved the lighting and the entire display.

Passing windows along the street.  They had all these lovely baked goods in them...
This is a creperie that Zinta took us too about five years ago.  We loved it and highly suggest it, though we did not eat there this time, since we had just eaten breakfast.
More window shopping...
If you have never had the chance to visit the food court at Harrods Department store, I highly suggest it.  Its quite the thing to see.  However, I didnt know if you were allowed to take pictures, so I only took a couple.

So this is a place my sister introduced me too, when I went on my Art study abroad.  It was across from our hotel and I LOVED it!  Its a panko fried chicken with curry and bitter greens with a vinegar dressing.  It typically doesn't have that much sauce on it so in the past I thought it was better.  But I still enjoyed it.
While waiting for my Father to get back from a meeting, so we could travel to the country side.  We stopped by our hotel one last time to eat Afternoon tea there.  It was the best afternoon tea I had ever had.
Scones and Clotted cream and jam.
They had a lot of lovely teas to choose from, I had there Chai.


  1. I'm glad I am finally seeing these pics. It looks like you had a good time. I just dragged Mom to Museums ha ha!

    1. Wish I had all of those places before I went. I love, love, loved Harrods and we got something from there almost every day because our hotel was right next to it, but never saw any lovely pastry shops and open markets like that. You are such fun! Yes, I did have the clotted cream - to die for!