Sunday, April 14, 2013

The English Cottage, Oxford.

 After a couple of days in London, we went to a small town in the country for a business meeting and stayed in this charming place.  The Bell, is a little cottage, with only a couple of rooms, and one the best  restaurant I have ever eaten in England.

 This was a little storage shack across the street from the Inn.   I thought it was so charming, I had to take a picture of it!
 This is the gardens attached to the Inn.
 The countryside.

 This was my parents room.  Loved the color scheme and the charm.  They had a claw foot tub that I was so jealous of.  However, I had the shower that they wished they had!
 This is my little room above the kitchen. It was on the other side of the property.  So I was off on my own.  I was loving it, until at dinner my Father told me all these stories about haunted Inns in England.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep that well.

 Here is a picture of the restaurant.  They served us a lovely breakfast every morning, and then had a the restaurant open at night.  I didnt have my camera on me for the other dinners, but here was our first nights dinner:
 Beat salad, with macadamia nuts, micro greens, goat cheese, and a balsamic glaze.
 Fish and Chips.
 Lamb with potatoes and leaks, with balsamic glazed plums.  (This was my dish, and it was Heaven!)
 Mushroom cream sauce, fresh herbs and gnocchi.
 Treacle Tart with fresh cream.
This was the Creme Brule that they served us on the last night.  It was on my InstaGram and as you can see its quite fuzzy.
 My Mom and I decided to go to Oxford, England for the day.  We had both been there many times, but we decided that it would be fun to go and visit again and have high tea.

If you have been following my blog, you probably know how much I love  If you havnt seen my Alice In Wonderland party then you should check it out HERE!

Got this cute little sucker along with the original book by Lewis Carroll at the Alice shop. 
University of Oxford grounds.

 The courtyard inside the gates.
 This is the dining room, if you watched Harry Potter you might recognize this as their dining hall.
 Thought this was hilarious, another picture I put on InstaGram.
 City of Oxford.

 Eagle and Child Pub, we decided to have lunch there.  To experience where many famous writers and academics have spent there time.

 This was the meal,  Meat Pot Pie with roasted veggies.  I wasnt a fan, it was very salty so I only ate a couple of bites.
The apple salad, again wasnt a fan, but the atmosphere was very fun and exciting.
 We decided to have Afternoon tea in one of there famous tea rooms, though it came out very dry and stale.  The only good thing was the Chamomile tea after a long day in the rain.


  1. Love this post adored this trip!! beautiful pictures

  2. Oxford is stunning! Your photos would make fabulous prints for notecards. Too bad the food was bad and the high tea too. How can you blow that one?