Monday, December 24, 2012

Peppermints and Gumdrop Tree

This is my gumdrops and peppermint tree that I decorated this year.  I couldn't have loved how it turned out more!  Here are pictures of my darling town home, with my personal Christmas decor.  Hope you enjoy taking a look into my home. Merry Christmas!
This is a cute cookie plate, cup and key that my Mom got me years ago.  The cookies are real, they are just  a year old.  But Santa never seems to hear what I really want for Christmas... so I him extra hard cookies this year.
This is my Mark Roberts gingerbread house that I got this year, and my waffle trees.  My Peppermint candy dish for when guest come to visit.
Peppermint and Gumdrops vase, with my presents on my coffee table and gumdrops chain.
Here is it without the lights on, love the frosted branches with all the candy!

This is my Kitchen, with my Kitchen Angels, and my Baking Santa, inspiration to bake Christmas goodies.  Though I must admit, it didnt inspire me too much this year.

Here is my darling table cloth that my friend Andrea, from It's The Life's Mother sewed for me.  My Mom designed it and got the fabrics and surprised me when I came home from work one day with this darling tablescape.  I have the cutest Mom in the world!
This is my Mom new tree this year. Its our RED,GREEN, AND WHITE.  I love the 3-D snowflakes and all the fun sprays!

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will post my bedroom tree, and some other fun Utah Christmas Surprises!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your Christmas decorations!!!! You have done an excellent job! It makes me feel happy just looking at all the photos! I happen to have the discontinued Mark Roberts Lighted Gingerbread Tree for sale. My mother gave it to me but I never knew how to decorate with it... know that I have seen your house I would love to do the same! It would take awhile though - LOL! Let me know if your interested! Jennifer