Sunday, December 23, 2012

EggNog Cake

One of my favorite Christmas desserts is Eggnog bunt cake. This year, I felt lazy, so I bought my favorite cake mix from Williams Sonoma.
This is the cake mix that I love, though most of there cake mixes there are worth every penny.  Lets face it, sometimes we just dont have enough time to pull off a home made dessert.  Its ok if you cheat!  So how I made it was simple: I followed the recipe exactly, and instead of milk I added Egg Nog.  Tricky I know!  It turned out amazing!
 My first attempt was to make a Eggnog cake with Egg Nog Creme Brûlée,  Dont get me wrong, both were delicious, together... not so much.  It was too heavy of a dessert.  So I passed on that one, and made the other half of the batter into cupcake tins.
 With the Cupcakes I added a simple glaze.  With 1 cup powder sugar, and 1/4 cup of Egg Nog. Poured it on top and let it sit. Turned out perfect!  So this was what I decided to do tonight for dinner.
Egg Nog bunt cake, with Egg Nog glaze and white chocolate snowflakes.  To say it wasn't divine is an understatement.  If you want a killer dessert, that takes no time at all, try this out!

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