Saturday, December 7, 2013

Woodland Tablescape

 I have been really crazy over the whole Woodland trend these last few years.  I have always loved spending Christmas in cabins and playing in the snow.   Winter, as odd as it sounds, is my second favorite season.  I'm weird, I love the snow, I love the cold, and most of all I love the wardrobe that goes along with it!  Cute sweaters is a horrible weakness for me!
I decided to make my Woodland theme a little more Winter Wonderland, using a lot of snow, fur, and animals.  I wanted Grey to pop in as well, since I had grey plates and I fell in love with a grey table runner that I just had to have!
 I found the gorgeous moose head above at TJ Maxx Home Goods, and just had to have it.  So I did some natural trees and garlands that I happened to have laying around.  Most of the stuff on my tree is from Gatehouse No. 1, TJ Maxx Home Goods, and a couple of items from Tai Pan.
 The blue cups shouldn't be there, but you will see in a post or two, that we did a photo shoot and the color scheme was blue.
 I loved the moss under the plates, with the grey snowflake runner that I mentioned above.  I think its perfect throughout the winter as a table runner.  The cups are just some old cups I had laying around, I do plan to get some grey wine glasses, however I just havn't found them yet.
 I couldn't pass up not picking up some bottle brush trees this year.  In fact, I'm pretty much obsessed!  I used the little wire lights, you can find them at Gatehouse No. 1 or online at] Restoration Hardware.  The glass candy jar next to it, is also filled with fake snow and the lights, so at night the table has a sweet glow to it.
 One of my favorite items that I bought this year is my sled!  You can always do the cutest things with sleds.  I just got a small pine spray, and filled it with left over ornaments.  Next year ill add to it, but at this point my budget was a wee bit maxed out.
 This darling owl tops my tree, with its little whimsy nest.  I used flocked branches and just wired them together to make a nest.  and then used a whimsey white spray to create some fun lines down this skinny tree.
 Little birds, acorn icicles and grey ornaments adorn the tree.
 Loved this purchase, we found a fur grey and brown wreath at TJ Maxx, to say that I'm in love is a understatement.
 Another shot of the tree.
 I used a large white tablecloth and white chair for the winter white look.
I used grey napkins that I had, and just wrapped extra ornaments around them to make the napkins cute.  Its simple, but elegant, and cant wait to add to it just a little more next year!

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