Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Santa Tree

I had an amazing opportunity to work with Loft 213 and do a Christmas Wrapping paper Photo Shoot this November with there incredible product.  You may notice some of the designs, you can find there product on there website HERE if you would like to pick some up.  They have great, trendy and traditional wrapping paper for all occasions.  The product is easy to cut and wrap, and great quality. They used my trees, and I tried to take my Candy Tree and make it a little more traditional by adding in a Santa Theme. These are just pictures taken by me, these are not the professional pictures takin in the photo shoot.

 This year I added more sprays, used my flock tree for my Pretty in Pink Christmas Tree that ill post next, and added more colorful ribbon.  I also added some cute Santa elements to make it North Pole themed.

You can find little Elves hidden within in the tree.
 Darling Santa ornaments that say HO HO HO or little North Pole globes.

 I made the North Pole on the top of the tree, but spray painting one of the wrapping paper rolls with white spray paint. Then i put a Glitter Blast spray on at the end.  Wrapped a red ribbon around the base of it.  Finally, I put a ornament that I put fake snow in, and hot glued it to the top.  Love how it turned out in the end!
 North Pole ornament, one of my favorite buys for this year!
 All the real candy canes on this tree, I bought at Sams Club and they support St. Judes Hospital!
 Letters to Santa garland.

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  1. I love both trees! This one is so cute with the North Pole sign and all the elves. I learned so much at Gatehouse and used it all! Your stack of packages is so fun. I just wrapped my first packages with their paper last night and it was so hard to describe - almost buttery soft! I loved the way it felt and cut. Kirk did too! Now I want more!