Friday, July 5, 2013

Firework Cake Bites

I wanted to do something fun, Patriotic, and simple for the 4th of July. With a full time job, and not a lot of free time on the side, I had to do something fast and easy. I love holidays, and my favorite part of the Fourth of July is the beautiful firework display that you can see everywhere.  I wanted to mimic the fun,  playfulness of it all, so I decided to make firework cake bites!  I used funfetti cake mix to mimic the different colors in the sky, and then I used Pop Rocks candy on top so that they would pop in your mouth when you ate them!
I decided it would be easier to bake the cake the night before and just follow the instructions on the back of the box.  Once its cooled, i placed it in a large mixing bowl and just crumbled it up with my hands.  Next I added half of the container of frosting and stirred it together.  If you feel like you need more, feel free to add more frosting, I just like it to have a little less.  Next I rolled them into balls on a cookie sheet with wax paper on it.  Let them freeze for at least an hour, I let them freeze over night.

In the morning I melted the white chocolate in a bowl, making sure I stirred it a lot to temper the chocolate.  Then I rolled the frozen cake balls in the chocolate.  Placed them back on the wax paper, and QUICKLY sprinkled them with Pop Rocks candy.  They set up pretty quickly, so I just placed them on a platter and brought them to dinner!

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