Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Samoa Budnt Cake

This cake is incredible!  It's moist and delicious, with so many exciting flavors going on that every bite tastes like an explosion of flavors!  It is also, hands down, the biggest pain in the neck to make! (haha) I made this particular cake for my friend Vicki's Birthday.  I told her if she found a cake she wanted, since she's not really a big cake eater, that I would make it for her.  She sent me the link to this cake, and being my typical self, I looked at the ingredients and said no problem and went with it.  Little did I know, that not only does it have a MILLION steps, but it also takes hours to make.  So needless to say, if you do make this cake, make sure you plan accordingly! 

Vicki also took my camera and took most of the pictures, so I have the last half of the cake steps with photos, and I apologize for the lighting... we managed to finish up this cake at midnight after we partied all evening to celebrate her Birthday.

I didn't copy and paste the recipe this time because it has so many steps.  So click here to view the recipe!

Note: she gives great instructions on how to make this cake, but I will say this...  For the frosting you cook a can of sweetened condense milk to make into carmel.  On her blog, she says you have to boil the can in a pot of simmering water for 4 hours, making sure that the can is always covered with water.  This was the part that drove me crazy, so I looked it up on the internet.  Most people tell you to do it for 90 min.  I ended up boiling it for 3 hours, and it started to burn a little on the bottom, so I didn't use the bottom part of the can.  So it's not so bad when its only for 90 minutes, you can do it as you make your two batters.

So first thing that you do for this cake, is you make two batters... a CHOCOLATE batter, and a BROWN SUGAR batter... they are both amazing.  Then you layer it into a budnt cake pan, bake it and it comes out like this... delicious right???  It gets better...
Next, you toast your coconut so it gets slightly brown and becomes toasted goodness... yummy!
After your coconut has cooled, and your can of sweetened condense milk has COMPLETELY cooled, you can start to make the frosting... if you have read the recipe already, then you know this frosting is going to be amazing.  If you havn't then you are in for a treat!  Try some butter, sweetened condense milk, sugar, TOASTED COCONUT and a few more ingredients... mouth watering yet? It should be!
So now that your cake is frosted, you think your done right??? Wrong... now you cover the ENTIRE cake with toasted coconut, its gotta be like the samoa cookie right? I just lightly pressed the coconut into the frosting, and made sure to push it under the bottom of the cake to give in a nice clean line.
I bet by now your ready to dig in right... NOPE... still going.  Now you have to make a chocolate ganache by melting a bag of chocolate chips, we did dark because its our favorite and drizzled it over the top...
As you can see by the late hour... you would think FINALLY time to sing Happy Birthday and dig in right??? NO, you have to wait an hour after you frost the entire thing to eat it for the chocolate to set up.  So we went to Red Box, got a movie, and watched a great movie and had cake mid-way through it.  
In the end, it turned out amazing, and had I planned my day better... I wouldn't have finished the cake so late at night.  But I do highly suggest making it some day.  It's worth it!


  1. That cake was so good! I wish I had a piece right now. I'm so lucky to be your roommate and be able to sample your masterpieces! Well... one of the many reasons I am lucky to have you as my roommate.

  2. Thanks Tracy... yeah Andrea I made Tracy take the cake to work... I couldnt stop eating it, it was soooo good! I think im going to make that frosting on a cupcake sometime... who knows!

  3. I looks and sounds amazing. I wonder if you could cheat and use the dulce de leche - Mexican canned one - that is how they make it - it is in the Mexican section right by the Mexican table cream. I would love to skip that step. I better wait and make it when I have more people home so I don't eat the whole thing!