Thursday, May 3, 2012

Grand America Birthday Tea

This year was a golden birthday for me... I turned 30!  It feels crazy, honestly I thought I'd be depressed because I was getting old, but in reality I had one of the best birthday I have ever had! I'm excited for what my 30s are to bring... hopefully a husband and kids. Im starting to feel a little silly throwing parties for my friends and I still! 
To start of my 30th Birthday, besides a fabulous family vacation the week before to Orlando Florida, I started the morning off with my little sister, her daughter, (we start them off young), and my Mother for high tea at the Grand America.  If you live in Utah and haven't had the chance to do that yet, I highly suggest it.  I defiantly plan on going back in the fall for there witches high tea!
High Tea at the Grand, starts off with pouring hot water into a wine glass with a tea flower, I think its Jasmine, and then as you enjoy your tea.  You can watch the flower bloom, and of course after you can drink it. I love the flavor of it! You then pick your tea, they have many amazing flavorful teas that are all loose leaf teas, and pick which High Tea Package you want.  We went with the more simpler one. Once you pick your tea, you are welcome to start with fresh strawberries and marscarpone cream.
First Course starts with your scones, jam, and clotted cream, and a different variety of tea sandwiches.
 The last course is the dessert course, with a wide variety of cakes, cookies, tarts, and sugared jellies.
This was our view of the court yard, my dream for my 30th Birthday was to spend it in my favorite place in the world which is London, England but this was close enough!  I could even pretend thats Big Ben right???


  1. How fun for you to do this with the ladies in your family!! It is just the perfect thing for a British high tea, Happy Birthday and I hope you have a fabulous year ahead.. I enjoy reading and looking at your blog as it comes out.
    Beth Street ( Amy's mom)

  2. So fun! This is making me want a tea party real bad!

  3. Happy 30th and how fun to go to Orlando.

    Can you believe I have never been to High Tea at the Grand America? I need to go. Your pictures are all so beautiful!

  4. Thanks so much everyone for the Birthday wishes and looking at my blog, means the world to me!