Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Taking A Break

Hey all you faithful followers!

Sorry I havn't been posting anything as of late.  I'm an Interior Design by trade, and during the Christmas season (yes that official starts the first of November for me!) I am hired to decorate homes for the Holidays.  So I just havn't had time to catch up on any post.  I will be on a break until the weekend after Thanksgiving when I come back from a much needed Vacation!  But dont fret, I plan on working on my blog DURING my vacation so that I can do 2-3 post a week in the end of November and all through December.  As promised my first post will be the Baby Shower I keep promising to post, and then Christmas recipes and decor!  I have great ideas coming up so stay tuned!

Here is a sneak peak from last year. The first tree is in my apartment and sadly I didnt get great pictures of it, but this year, I have a new camera and cant wait to show you more details of these trees and better shots of them!

Peacock Tree
Candy Lane Tree

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  1. And what a wonderful job you do at it too! You are amazing. I loved everything at the shower the other day, all of your decor was fantastic!