Monday, November 7, 2011

Stella Rose 1st Birthday

I don't know if you remember your first Birthday, I dont.  But I do have a darling picture of me sitting in my high chair with my messy red hair smeared in frosting, and my bright green eyes glowing from the excitement of digging into my white cake with pink frosting!  Maybe it was then that I discovered my love of cute desserts... who knows? 

You can only imagine my excitement when my friend and personal trainer Loriol asked me if I wanted to help create her beautiful baby girls 1st Birthday party.  I couldn't wait to start creating!  The theme was to be a rose theme, after her name Stella Rose, It would be set in the park with fun festive colors, but using pink and yellow as the main colors!
We decided to the cake as a Red Velvet cake with Cream Cheese frosting,  So of course I had to make it pink, with little rosettes all over, and then I did a twist on modern roses on the sides in fondant.  Then we had dark chocolate cupcakes with a raspberry filling, dark chocolate ganache, and butter cream frosting on top, and vanilla bean cupcakes, with buttercream frosting done in large and minis with fondant roses.

The wind was a bit out of control before the party, so it was a constant battle to keep the sign, lanterns and ribbons stable! But it calmed down once the party started.
We used funky flowers in teapots and candy dishes in the yellow and pink color scheme! A cute girly sign, along with ribbon streamers and festive lanterns for decoration.

Fresh roses adorned the present table.

Ribbons and fabric adorned the sides of the tablecloth to create a whimsy feeling to the table.
The darling Birthday Girl, showing off her walking skills!
Birthday girl enjoying her cupcake in Moms arms, and opening presents with Mom!

For all the recipes to this party click HERE!


  1. Perfection! What a doll! Perfect name for her!

  2. Thanks, yeah she is the cutest little girl ever!

  3. Love love the rose cupcakes! Were they hard to make? I have another party to make cupcakes for next week, I think I might have to copy them...and try not to eat them all before they are delivered.