About Me

Thanks for visiting my blog. I know my blog posts don't have many pictures of me, therefore, I wanted to create a page where you could get to know me better.
My sissy in New York for Christmas Shopping

As if you couldn't tell from my posts I love interior design, parties, and traveling. I graduated from LDS Business School with a degree in Interior design.

 I feel like I have led a very eclectic life full of twists and turns. There was a time I was a wedding planner, a pastry chef,  a holiday home decorator, a party planner, a home nurse, and a interior designer. Currently, my days are joyfully spent at Gatehouse No1 in Orem, UT. 

Through all the years of exploring my different passions and interests my favorite thing is getting a new stamp in my passport. This is my family (minus my adorable niece) in Italy visiting the Sassi ruins. There are 5 kids in my family and although we are still a bunch of misfits I love each one!
It's true sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong country and belong on the English Countryside sipping my cup of herbal tea. Something more like this, right?
Now "herbal tea" you ask? Yes, I am also a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I hope my weekly musings and creations can add some beauty your day and inspiration to your parties.



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