Sunday, September 8, 2013

English Garden Tea Party

I love my parents backyard.  Both of my parents love to garden, and have created a lovely retreat to relax and enjoy the flowers.  I know I havnt blogged a lot this Summer, its been a little busy.  So on a lovely rainly afternoon, I decided to do a little tea party with edible flowers, and my Mothers beautiful English tea set.
For my tea of choice, I decided to do my lotus tea that I got in England.  Its so tasty, but also beautiful when it blooms!
Rose glass lightens the look of the tea set, adding an unexpected elegance.
With the tea, I decided to make a sparking lemonade with a lavender simple syrup.  I will give the recipes with the next post.
I knew with this tea party, that I had to make pavlovas! My darling sister-in-law introduced our family to pavlovas last Christmas, and I absolutely love them.  So I decided to try it! It turned out wonderful.  I then dipped edible flowers in egg whites and sugar, to give them a crystalized look.  Not sure if the roses are edible, but they were cute so I added them.  
You cant have a proper tea party without a tea cake. So I made these with the leftover Almond cake that I made.   The top tea cake, was rolled in some darling sprinkles that my Mother brought me back from Paris.   The Rose tea cake was rolled in fine coconut, and the petal was dipped in sugar.  The Raspberry chocolate tea cake was rolled it sprinkles that I picked up in Holland last year.  So excited to use all my darling, yummy sprinkles!!!
I made a simple almond cake, with a buttercream frosting.  Wanted it to have pearls and look very girly.  I think I pulled it off!
The scones turned out amazing!  Sour Cream scones with lavender.  Couldn't get enough of these! Ill post the recipe on the next post as well.


  1. Exquisite - you need to demo these tea cakes for Gate House! I made ones like these years ago. They are so fun and so gorgeous. The roses are edible if they haven't been sprayed!

    You should post this with Tablescapes Thursday @

  2. G'day from Australia! I just love your post. Gorgeous tea party.Love the sugar roses and meringues. Beautiful post.
    Anna (